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在檢核表的設計上,將運用上Improving the Quality of Questionnaires: A Tool for Evaluators此篇文獻探究之各大層面與蒐集更多相關領域之資訊。針對問卷之設計重新評估其優缺項,將其優缺項一一分析列出,並修正原問卷之不妥處,令問卷能更順暢發行與受訪意願的提升。


拜託幫幫忙不要用翻譯軟體去整句翻譯 @@

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    The control table's design key importance lies in regarding the questionnaire overall understanding, and aims at the questionnaire a shortcoming correction, causes the questionnaire the content to have the integrity. The questionnaire is for the purpose of the investigation and study and makes uniform analyzes the findings, if an effective questionnaire content is imperfect, and the expression is not firm, when if, then this time serious influence questionnaire research male letter strength and reliability level. In the control table's design, will utilize on Improving the Quality of Questionnaires: A Tool for the Evaluators this literature inquisition each big stratification plane draws pay information of the territory with the collection heterogeneity. Appraises it design in view of the questionnaire to lack the item superiorly, lacks 11 analysis it to list superiorly, and revises the original questionnaire improper place, can a smoother release with be interviewed the wish promotion the questionnaire.

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    Checklist of the main value lies in the design of questionnaires for the overall understanding of, and for correction of the shortcomings of the questionnaire, so that the more the integrity of the contents of the questionnaire. Questionnaire designed to study and analysis of the integration of research findings, if a valid questionnaires content imperfect, and not a firm tone, if not, then at this time will seriously affect the credibility of the research questionnaire and reliability.

    Checklist in the design, use of Improving the Quality of Questionnaires: A Tool for Evaluators This article explore the various dimensions of literature and related fields to gather more information. For the design of the questionnaire to re-evaluate its lack of gifted, gifted their lack of analysis of the list one by one, and it is wrong to amend the original questionnaire, the questionnaire to be able to issue more smoothly with the will of the respondents to upgrade.

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