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急~~~~~求救關於Sonar 7錄音無法發聲問題...

昨天 錄音 錄了一段感覺不錯,結果今天電腦開啟后,他說找不到路徑,於是我便將工作檔丟到Sonar 7的軟體捷徑開啟!開啟是可以開,錄的聲音東西也都還在,但想再繼續錄音,居然不能聽、錄,並且出現了以下文字...

Unable to open audio record device.Device may not support the current project's audio format or may be in use For help,please visit: contack Cakewalk Technical Support.


但是 我自己重新開了一個新的檔案卻可以在錄再聽!究竟怎回事!??!?!!?我不想重新錄,求救各位大大幫幫忙~~~~~~~~~~~

(昨天 電腦 錄音完,我作了磁碟重組以及掃毒兩個步驟就關機了,今天再用,便這樣~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~)







Update 2:

Edirol Audio Interface setup for Cakewalk software

Close your Cakewalk program if it is open. On the back of the interface, check the Sample Rate switch.

Update 3:

Make sure it is set to the sample rate you intend to use. 44.1 is standard for CD and is a good choice if you’re unsure.

If you change this switch, power cycle the interface (turn it off and on) before continuing.

Update 4:

There is also an “Advance” switch on some Edirol interface. Make sure that switch is in the ON position.

In SONAR, click Options | Audio | Advanced. Set your Driver Mode to ASIO. Restart the program.

Next, Click Options | Audio:

Update 5:

On the Drivers tab:

Make sure your Edirol interface is selected under both inputs and outputs. If it appears grayed out, deselect all drivers first then select the Edirol interface. If changes are made, click OK and restart the program.

Update 6:

n the general tab:

Make sure one of the Edirol drivers is selected as Playback Timing master. Click OK. Restart the program if prompted.


Update 7:

Now that you’re finished, all audio playback will come from the Edirol itself. You will need to have speakers hooked to its outputs or headphones hooked the phones port to hear audio playback.

Update 8:

....知道 有點攏長....但希望懂得人能幫忙!因為有點急迫....謝謝!

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    Unable to open audio record device.Device may not support the current project's audio format...

    不能開啟錄音設備 設備或許不支援現在的音頻/流設定


    你用的是什麼前級? 還是只是你的音效卡? 什麼音效卡?

    Sonar 7並沒有中文版 它並不簡單 像阿良大大說的靠自己是最實在的



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