All contract are agreement but not all agreement are contracts?

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please help.. i really dont understand this statement :(
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When there is a contract, there is an agreement between two parties regarding promises made.

But if you and I agree that bananas taste good, we don't necessarily have a contract between us regarding bananas.
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  • evilattorney answered 5 years ago
    A contract, very simply, is an offer and an acceptance of that offer. An agreement can be anything including you and I agreeing to met for coffee tomorrow.


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  • Jeffrey V answered 5 years ago
    A contract is simply a more complex form of an agreement in that there are requirements for capacity, intent and so on. A contract requires subject matter, terms specific enough to fashion a remedy if breached, written form in some cases.
    Agreements, obversely, are loosely structured and have very few requirements, and no recourse if breached.
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