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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsFamily · 1 decade ago

need help and your opinions?

Ok this is about my bfs health and conflict against his family.Ever since i met his family i found them to be annoying and forceful..My bfs auntie pressued my bf into smoking weed and now hes been continuously smoking weed for the past 6months and she offered me to smoke with them but i denied....when my bf started getting into work with them he found that smoking weed was a good buzz to get rid of stress and said it relieves him from any problems were having.I really am angry at the fact that his family does this and pressured my bf into doing it now it seems to be his life.Also his auntie has grandchildren the oldest grandchild is 16 which she allows her to smoke weed and drink,She allows her to do these things which i feel are neglecting and wrong!!..Now for my bfs auntie and partner they're having relationship issues whereas there relationship is falling apart.He has nowhere to go,so whenever he want's somewhere to go he can come to us o.o i feel like a old lady sometimes catering for him who is 34 years old and me being 21years old...I asked my bf about the partner and where he is staying?? he said on the streets,I replied to him to tell him to go stay with his parents,but my bf said he doesnt get along with his dad...This shouldnt be our problem..And i feel like his family is screwed up.!!!I really disagree on my bfs family being at my place all they ever do is smoke weed and im not buying that,because i dont smoke that.His family needs help and i dont want anything to do with them until they get help with there problems...Does anyone think im being unfair to there irresponsibilities??It's like im playing a much older mature person then they are and ive got to put up with this bull!!

So to wrap this all up the most disgusting this is that my bfs aunties partner used to date my bfs aunties daughter.....and yes my bfs auntie is like 50+years old and her partner being 34..I just want to get out of this crazy life....who wouldnt??


My bfs auntie needs to grow up and stop acting like a teenager and be a mother and grandmother...but how can i confront her about this?My bf would get mad....

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  • 1 decade ago
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    honestly i would leave...give him 2 options...option 1: stop smoking

    or option 2: end up being single and in the long run screw up his life.

    I used to have a lot of friends that smoked..and honestly they're going NO where. none of them have jobs all they do is smoke and they've had quite a few run ins with the cops. Its not worth it at all. I mean i know people do it for the "stress relieving" but its illegal. you dont need to be around it. And for his family problems leave it to them to work it out. You're not doctor phil so dont worry about it. tell him to tell his aunts bf to get out. its not your fault his life is falling apart...

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