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What tests should I ask for?

I'm going back to my GYN in the morning and was wondering what all tests I should ask for.

When we first saw him, he wanted my hubby to go for a SA and when that came back bad, he referred us to a Urologist and now that everything has check out with the ur, he referred me back to the Gyn.

I'm figuring bloodwork for a test of my hormones and maybe my thyriod but is there anything else I should ask for?

Also, how early can a beta test be done?

I'm planning on setting up an appointment for an HSG for the 1st week of December.

Thanks in advance for any advise.


Also, I have regular 28 day cycles and I do ovulate.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    you can request for the following:

    1. transvaginal ultrasound - to check the position and lining of your uterus, and to check the size of your ovaries and if you have follicles.

    2. blood work - check for sugar, thyroid tests, PROLACTIN (very important and can play a big part in fertility)

    3. physical examination - to check your cervix for any abnormal discharge or infection.

    4. also a PAP smear

    My first GYN didn't want to do any tests on me because my cycles are very regular. She said that everything is normal. I changed GYN and she recommended the above tests before moving on to fertility drugs, etc. Turned out, i have high prolactin levels and i had an infection in my cervix. Which makes it practically impossible to conceive if untreated.

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