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What should I do? He's leaving soon. Should I talk to him?

I'm not even going to lie I'm in love with my ex i think I always will be. After we broke up we stayed friends it was really nice cause we knew all of each others history and we always there for each other. I was very content with being his friend because he was always there and could always make my day better. Then one day I found out he and his family were moving (they live with us) and right around that day he stopped talking to me. A couple days later I asked him what was wrong and he was like nothing leave me alone so I was like okay whatever and he was like thanks. It was weird cause he hasn't done anything like that in long time.

He's moving in 2 days (not far away at all) and I want to talk to him and I really want him to be a part of my life cause he's really important to me. What should I do? Should I talk to him or not and what should I say if I do? If I shouldn't talk to him then what should I do.

Please don't tell me to forget about him because the more I try the more I think about him.


oh and why do you think he's doing this?

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    Yes talk

    you never know he could love you too

    talk to him or you would keep thinking what if

    and might regret it later

    like i never told this one girl i like her but later on she got with my best friend and later she told me that she like me

    and now am like why didn't i tell her

    don't make the same mistake i did

    go for it girl!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    go talk to him. he needs to know what the hell you want from him.

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