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Question about new steam boiler..?

My parents are having their steam boiler replaced, because there is a leak (steam). Their house was built in 1914. I don't know anything about boilers, and neither do they. They were quoted $7,5000 for a new steam boiler. Does that sound right? They need to heat approximately 2,200 sq ft. The BPU (or is it BTU??) is 100,000 or 200,000. Like I said, our knowledge is extremely limited. The fuel type is natural gas. If anyone could let me know what's to be expected, and whether or not my parents are getting screwed, I would really appreciate it. Thanks for your time!

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    Replacing a steam boiler is a messy job. I've installed many boilers, my advice is to get at least three estimates, when you feel comfortable with the right contractor the job will go smoothly. The $7,500. price tag seems a little high, but without seeing the project it's hard to make a call. A natural gas fired steam boiler rated at 150,000 btu's cost about $ 3200, and depending on the contractor,it should take a long days work with two men.

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    i think the piping around and above the boiler is probably no longer perfect... i'm no longer an authority at changing boilers or re-piping yet i be conscious of that there is so plenty extra to steam warmth than purely water boiling into steam and traveling by pipes...the "header" must be completed right..additionally there are minimum distances between the water line and specific pipes,,etc.. call installer lower back...if he cant come to a variety it call a contracter conscious of steam warmth,,esp installations,,and get his opinion........additionally,,replace into the boiler "skimmed"....meaning drawing water off the superb by a tee that would desire to have been put in,or different commencing...if no longer skimmed a action picture of oil that coats the interior the boiler will sit down on superb of the water and make the boiling water extra violent and turbulent....all good steam boiler installers be conscious of to do this except your sort boiler a technique or the different doesnt require it...........dan

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    Steam Boiler? Gosh that must be 100 years old. Age of steam trains.

    Modern Gas boilers are known as Condensing Combi Boilers.

    UK price for a good make Vaillant Eco tec pro 24 Condensing Boiler is

    £673.85 Inc vat & 17.5% Plus flue £58 inc Vat for a horizontal flue.

    (we ordered one last week)

    (about 1/3 less for a cheap and nasty make)

    then you have the labor and materials (copper pipes / any new radiators) £20 - £60 per radiator (rad) + Trv (add £15 per rad)

    copper pipe between £1.50 - £3.50 per meter. Plastic pipe is cheaper.

    Labour aprox £1000 for boiler change only

    Or around £2000 - £3000 for boiler change and new rads and new pipe runs too.

    If your builders dont know about boilers, how can they understand what needs doing?

    No wonder your writing about steam power! Miss informed I think.

    Unless you have steam power still in the USA? (you quote in $, hence my assumption of USA $)

    Sounds an expensive quote without seeing the job. Even in $.

    P.s Condensing boilers are new technology, Is the law in the UK that any new boiler must be Condensing unless the building is awarded an exemption ( Government idea for reducing emissions as Condensing boilers are between 5-20 % more efficient over normal Combi Boilers.).

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    Steam boilers are still in use and becoming quite advanced and efficient, I would definitely get a couple of more estimates if nothing else you will increase your knowledge, then go with the person you feel most comfortable with. By getting more estimates you will make sure you will make sure you actually need a new unit

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    Get a second estimate.

    I'm not sure, but it seems to me that is an awful large boiler.

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