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Anonymous asked in HealthMental Health · 1 decade ago

ok so what should I do now? and NOT the obvious. ?

OK i'm incredibly stressed. My family is one of the main causes for various reasons and so it school. I can't under any circumstances change the family stuff and the school is taking forever and isn't being flexible.

My stress has gotten so bad. I force myself to stay up because I dread going to school the next day. I have constant stomach aches and get headaches a lot. It takes me over an hour to fall asleep every night. I twitch because of lack of sleep. My immune system is terrible (from stress i'm GUESSING)

I was supposed to see my doctor but he got sick and can't see me for another two weeks but I can't wait that long. I don't know what else to do. I have a counselor I see once a week but even that's not enough to help. My doctor was supposed to put me on medication for it.

I'm only 15. I shouldn't be this stressed but I am and I can't fix it. HELP!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Start exercising, go for walks, journaling, write your feelings out, express yourself in art. Whatever you need to do. Those feelings will go away eventually. Try to get into counseling, talk to your parents if you can. Try yoga, and meditating. Just lay or sit still not thinking about anything. Look up how to meditate online. And realize a lot of people feel this way. Also, get some good rest if you can. Your symptoms could be aggravated by lack of sleep. Sleep restores the body. Love yourself, and take one thing at a time. You can do it. Start eating fruit, for the vitamins to boost your immune system. Eat your veggies. Take 10 deep breaths when you are really stressed. Talk to a friend. Also try to get enough sun. Sometimes a lack of it can cause more stress and make you nutrient deficient. Good luck. Remember, this too will pass.

  • 1 decade ago

    You need to see your health counselor and give him/her the same information that you gave here. You are to young to be lacking sleep and it will possibly mess your metabolism for life.

    Maybe you have a Aunt or Uncle that can give you some good information about what to do. Best Wishes

    Source(s): Was a counselor at a mental health center for afew years.
  • 1 decade ago

    If your counselor can't give you meds then go to the ER or a health clinic in your area. One of the should be able to help you. Try to find something to help you relax so you can sleep.

  • 1 decade ago

    Start skipping school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and relax.......

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