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can you please help me with the qs below. thanks?

What advantage(s) does a table have over a pictograph?

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  • Merlin
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    1 decade ago
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    I answered a similar question just the other day---hope it wasn't yours.

    I've attached a couple links to demonstrate the point I want to make. The problem is scale. In the first one 1 apple icon represents 10 apples, and a half apple represents 5. Fairly readable. The second link shows a pictograph where one ice cream bar represents 100. This one is harder to read. When you see a piece of a ice cream bar is it 20 or 30, or maybe even 45. Reading them becomes more difficult as the scale increases. Scale is like 1 = 100 or whatever. I saw a pictograph recently where one icon represented 10,000. Impossible to use. At least with a table the exact numbers are easy to find.

    Hope this helps.

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