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very serious question. scabies?

ok, so i just recently heard that my ex boyfriend has scabies? and i was with him all week and weekend and slept in the same bed but nothing sexual happened. and he has little bumps on his arms and neck. and he shaves his arms so i though it was razor burn. he said he was very itchy and said he got poison ivy from his landscapping job, but its winter and poison ivy is verrrrrry unlikely to catch.

i looked it up and it says its contagious with prolonged contact. and it takes 4-6 weeks for syptoms to show up. im very worried ill get scabies but im not exactly sure if he even has them and i dont want to be rude and ask him.

and does anyone know how you get scabies to begin with?

please help! thanks!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Scabies = little bugs that burrow into the skin. Very contagious. Skin to skin contact will spread it. So can using the towel or sheets of an infected person. I had a friend who caught that. He doesn't sleep around anymore. He had to see a doctor. I don't know what they gave him but I do know it was some kind of cream.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    You should just call him and ask him, because if he has exposed you to any disease you have a right to know. If he had an STD wouldnt you want to confront him? You can catch scabies with skin to skin contact, its not necessarily an STD, so if he has scabies there a pretty big chance you have it too. you should talk to your doctor immediately, maybe he could give you something that would kill the scabies before your syptoms even show up. good luck, and stay away from exes with parasites.

  • 1 decade ago

    If you came in contact with scabies you would know it now. But you need to wash everything in hot hot water, Your bedding, anywhere he may have sat or layed. You can get poison ivy this time of year, especially if he did come in contact with it. Heck it was 65 degrees today where i'm at. If he has scabies he would be miserable. He could have came in contact if he slept in a motel bed. They are kind of like chigger bites.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If he has scabies and you spent this much time around,with and touching his items then its for sure you will get it but don't panic . . its not life threatening just itches like crazy, go to your local pharmacy and ask them to give you some lotion for it, they'll know what to give you to clear it up and it doesn't reoccur

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