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Was this wrong to say this to my crush?

So, we hung out on Saturday, me and my crush. Then Saturday night I went to a dance with a senior (I'm a freshman). We're just friends.

So my crush asked me how the rest of the weekend was, and I said fun, I went to a dance with a senior, he was pretty fun, he taught me how to swing dance and salsa dance. He responded: sweet. Then he said he went swing dancing last month and just shimmied the whole time. I responded: Haha nice.

So my question: Was it bad to mention I went to a dance with a senior a few hours after our date? I didn't say we're friends, I just said I went with a senior.


I didn't mention him on our date...he asked me the day after.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Its sorta bad. As long as you just stuck to facts and didnt go on talking about how "great" he is and how aamazing he is and cute.... etc etc you get the idea. As long as you just stuck to what happned it should make no difference. Now; if you went on talking excitedly in details then maybe he would question it...

    Hope it helped!

  • 1 decade ago

    yea.. why would you mention another guy on your date?

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