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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsFamily · 1 decade ago

What to do about my parents?

I'm 17 and the oldest of four children. My parents homeschool (I swear it's so they can be overprotective) and are helicopter parents...They are really getting on my nerves.They:

-Don't agree with the clothes I wear (I dress like any other teenage girl-henleys, girl-cut t-shirts, zip up hoodies, levi jeans). My day wants to take away my clothes and make me wear prairie dresses and jean jumpers. He says I dress like a slut

-Hate my friends. My favorite friend is a guy (who I'll call Jay). He is definetely a don-juan, but I know that and other than that he has been an awesome,supportive friend who has been there for me through everything. My dad literally hates him. He will do anything to insure I don;t see Jay. Jay also has a 17 year old brother who I'm friends with too, and if he or Jay text message me,my dad gets extremely mad and goes to extremes to make sure they wont text me.

-GUYS in general....They won't allow me to date EVER.The one guy I like my father strives to keep me away from at all costs.

-Dont agree with my choice of movies/books/music.I'm a die-hard Avril fan, and my parents think she's a scandal.They hate her and say I have no taste.My mom is neurotic about what books I'm allowed to read (she's taken books away from me be4 if she didn't like them).Therefore I have to hide the books I read from her. I read twilight and I know if she knew she'd be furious. Also, my BFF got me tickets to see the Midnight opening showing of the Twilight movie at the movie theater, and my parents wouldnt let me go.Because we "don't see PG-13 movies--they are bad" quote. Now they mock me about even asking. So the next day, I cut class early and saw Twilight. They would kill me if they found out.

-Found out in September I had a facebook account, had a fit, made me deactivate it.

-I bought my own truck but they don't ever let me go anywhere but school,work or 4-H functions.

-Monitor closely who I text and ask constantly what I'm doing on my computer (they even hate Y! Answers)


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    wow. i'm really sorry about how your parents act..

    i don't really know what to say except i can't believe you've put up with this for 17 years... you only have a year left- so save up that money from your job and secretly look for apartments that are pretty cheap that you can afford. when you turn 18 tell them you're moving out and there is nothing they can do about it. you'll be an adult and you'll be able to make your own decisions.

    it kinda seems like your parents are Omish.. or want to be. or at least want you to be [with the whole clothes thing and the boys]

    i know i didn't really help, but just hang in there!!

    good luck!!

  • 5 years ago

    It is hard to say Through all their faults, my parents did a fantastic job. They raised 4 bright and successful children. We are all self reliant, have good jobs and treat others with respect and compassion. I do the best I can with my two, however at the age of 7 I really cannot determine what type of men they will be. I can only hope that I have managed to instill in them the same values my parents did which I carry to this day. Right now they are fantastic children. They are bright, kind and helpful. However I still have to make it through the teenage years. This is a question to possibly answer in another 20 years, when I have two young men who call me mom. Then I will be able to tell you more accurate what type of people I raised and then maybe I will have a better answer. However at the moment, I can hope for at least the same, and if possible exceed what my parents did.

  • 1 decade ago

    apparently they feel this type of supervision is a way to show they love you, as strange as this may seem. you can't get rid of your parents so for the time being, at least, you'll have to try to get along, and parents sort of have the upper hand with kids. at 17, you should be thinking about how you will transition to adulthood and independence, although I hope you don't make a rash decision to "run away from home" before you can support yourself and have a decent place to live, etc. are you thinking about college? the reason I ask is that living away from home for 9 months of the year would provide you more of the independence you desire. if the meantime, perhaps you could look for ways to show them you are responsible and trustworthy, such as helping with household tasks, so they will give you a longer leash.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Are your parents religious fanatics? They sound like it. It seems like they will never change if they still do all the things you describe and your 17. All I can suggest is when your 18 you move out straight away.

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