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Does the guy I'm "talking" to like me? Details?

So I started talking to a guy about a week ago and we have hung out everyday since then, to me things have been going well, we had our first kiss on the 3rd date and actually spent the night together(no sex) then the next day we went on a road trip to this cabin with his friends and had a great time and again slept together(no sex) like we cuddled together the entire morning when we woke up. We had a great next morning and he dropped me off and we had plans for him to come over and watch a movie later. When he came back over things were a little different and when he left I didn't get a hug or kiss. The next day i asked him if he was still interested and he told me "we will see how today goes, I do like you though" which was very confusing and he also said he doesnt want to rush into anything and we should take things a little slower(which I def understand) I just don't understand the we will see how today goes thing. We hung out today and he texted me later telling me he had a good time. But things still seem strange I also did not get a hug or kiss today but he was flirting. The other thing I dont understand is the way he says things like he told me to keep him warm but he wouldnt put his arm around me to keep me warm, he put his arm around me to show me something then when i moved back to where I was he told me that I liked his arm around me. By the way im 19 and hes 22, any help would be great to just give me some insight on the situation its pretty confusing to me. Thanks for the help

1 Answer

  • Sounds like something I went through last year... it ended up that we're just good friends now... I guess we just weren't interested in each other, but your situation sounds almost identical to mine...

    I can't say for sure that he doesn't like you, because he actually might and is just getting cold feet... but I really can't say as I don't know the guy.

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