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I need help with my bf and cousin?

Ok so

My cousin, Boyfriend and i was on the phone.

Well I already knew my cuz and bf didn't really like each other because when i had them on the phone the first night, They end up fighting. so i was like well since ur my bf and ur my cousin u guys gonna have to learn how to get along. Well noooo that didn't work. So we got on the phone today. Well my bf is hispanic so my cuz start saying beans on the phone the whole time and so thats when my bf start gettin mad and they end up arguing. After that i just got so upset because im tryin to make things right and i just can't. I love them both very much and it just hurt to seee that they aint gettin along

and idk what to do?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Nothing. If you try to force them to be friends, they'll be even madder. Just leave it.

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