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What's the most embarrassing thing your mother has ever done to you?

Last week my mom was talking to my English teacher...they're the same age, so of course they have a lot in they got on the subject of child birth, and my mom tells her "yeah, pushing wasn't that's like my vagina was made for popping out babies!"


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  • 1 decade ago
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    When I was 13 I was in the hospital to have a minor surgery and I ended up with a male nurse. While he was giving me a needle in my bottom (which was embarrassing enough, what 13 year old wants to show a man their bare butt!) my mom was talking to him about when they went to school together!

    We were in McDonald's one day and we saw a group of little girls at a birthday party. Every one of them had a Cabbage Patch Doll (this was when they were out the first time, about 25 years ago!) and my mom actually started stomping her feet saying "I want one too!!!". I wanted to crawl in a hole!

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Mmm, permit's see the place to start. a million. Opened the latch on the bathing room door while i replaced into in the tub. My brother and 3 of his pals the place outdoors in the landing. 2. Ran off and as quickly as I caught as much as her she replaced into pooping in our pals backyard mutually as they the place sat there observing. 3. Pulled me too troublesome final wintry climate and that i slipped in the snow, she did no longer end nevertheless and dragged me approximately 25 feet down the line on my back. 4. Ate the sandwich off of someones plate at an outdoors cafe mutually as we the place strolling previous. 5. while out on a walk stopped to smell the crotch of a 74yr old guy who replaced into popping out of church (heavily!!) yet I nevertheless love her :D

  • EW, what a sick scab~~! My mom used to brag about how smart my sisters were when we ran into my moms friends or her acquaintances at places~~! Then she would say this girl is a different story she is straight F's and a failure at everything~~! I used to get so red and hide behind my moms back, all for her to say, "Stop that you bloody idiot and get away from my back~~!" Yah she was quite the gem, NOT~~!

  • 1 decade ago

    OMG -- I feel sorry for you, that's pretty nasty. I promise I will NEVER say something like that to one of my kids' teachers. LOL. When I was younger my mom cut my butt-length hair so short that I was mistaken for a boy a couple of times. It was horrible. I think I'm scarred for life.

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  • 1 decade ago

    oh lord! sorry for you...

    a long time ago when i was in high school. i skipped school that day, and my mom made the school call my name through a speaker, and the whole school heard!!! never gonna forget

  • 1 decade ago

    omg how embarrasing im so sorry lol.

    my mom doesnt really embarrass me much.

    at least not around people.

    she does all the time at home though.

    thank god im the only one there to witness her haha.

    BUT MY DAD. ohhhmmyyyygooodddddd. :O

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    wish my mom was alive to embarras me...

  • 1 decade ago

    Set me on fire.

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