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If it weren't for unions setting the bar for decent wages?

How would Honda, non-union workers, have any leverage to negotiate their own decent wages and benefits? Don't you think they help each other in a way, keeping labor strong, and preventing jobs from going over seas?


Jimmy d...who can survive on $7 hr???

Update 2:

gitrdone..thanks for a reasonable answer. Most people don't even believe unions built this country. At least the big cities know the truth. What's wrong with good pay for good work?

Update 3:

Dapper Napper...$20/hr non-union, you mean the scabs?....mmm let me think....oh yea, politicans, HMO whores, and the repo man. PROUD work.

Update 4:

Lyle they have any job security? Do they have any peace of mind knowing that if they have the flu for 2 days they won't be fired? I doubt it.

Update 5:

dnbot...a union would have protected you from that, no doubt!

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    1 decade ago
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    Of course, only brainwashed republicans are against their fellow Americans making a decent living & having a job they go to year after year cause it is stable. I have worked for non-union places & it is horrible. People don't feel appreciated. I left a job in Jan. & the management was so disrespectful they know there are no union jobs near by so they treat people like crap. So they don't like unions & they try to convince others they are bad. I worked in an emergency dept & all over a hospital cleaning & there is a disease called MRSA & it was so much of a money making business they would hurry me out of the room to put a patient in before I finished cleaning it. I was running all day. It was owned by a bank & I went in & said I didn't know about MRSA when I took the job & they laughed at me when I asked for a job...then when I got some sleep & could think straight I quit...they told me I had to wait until July for a raise & in July they told people they couldn't give them their raises because of the economy. They have so many people coming in there & they get some kind of gov. money for the uninsured & then they raise the bills of everyone else but as far as the workers their is nothing to help them.

  • 1 decade ago

    American unions in the auto industry...their workers make and average 75.00 a hour VS Honda non union workers 45.00 an hour.

    At this point with the auto industry, and America's largest 3 asking for bailout money, because the Foreign car industry is making and selling more economical cars that American auto makers. For the last 3 years the trend has been that gas prices were rising, and no one stopping it, and foreign cars selling, while American made has taken a back seat yet again to Honda and others. One would think they would learn a lesson from the Jimmy Carter era, when Honda really hit the american market because of the gas shortage that Carter created.

    Unions I understand their need, however due to unions, and the hourly wage they demand for their members has driven up the cost of not only american autos, but other items as well, where Unions are involved. When Unions were first initiated, it was for fair wages, not over rated wages as they are now, but fair wages, and safer working conditions. My opinion is that Unions have gotten way out of hand.

  • 1 decade ago

    I used to work in retail.

    Before they raised minimum wage, I made $7.50 and my co-workers made $6.00. Now all of my former co-workers make $7.15, minimum wage, and I was bumped up to $7.57.

    Besides the fact that I was cheated out, both my co-workers and had huge cuts in hours, and I was let go from both of my job because they could "no longer afford to pay my position's salary".

    Okay, you got your hours cut, you say? It's because of the slow down... WRONG!

    Our hours were cut right after the minimum wage increase came into effect (and in PA, this happened to us much longer before the rest of the country did so). Not only that, but this is the time of year that retail is able to spare more hours, even with a slow down, AND I live in an area where shoppers come all the from Philly, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, even Delaware, just to shop.

    They can't afford to pay everyone a dollar more an hour? Yeah- $1 X 10 employess = $10, X 12 hours = $120 a day, X 30 = $3600 a month X 3 months = $10,800 a quarter- that's a whole day's worth of people shoplifting!

    So now instead of working alot of ours for very little money, we work no hours for no money.

    Haven't you ever heard of price floors? Supply and demand?

    This is why I tell people they need to be taught economics before they vote.

  • L H
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    1 decade ago

    The unions ARE the reason that foreign companies pay the wages they do.. And Benefits..Since the Republican Party has undermined organized labor since 1979,,and sought to destroy unions and the benefits of which Big Business HAD to pay because of the UNIONS,,The remnants of the contracts and benefits which the large Automobile Govt,,Lobbyists have not been able to disassemble by buying the Republicans in power,,have actually served to put the Auto Industry at risk.. The Auto big three,,fought against higher mileage standards and safety issues in Autos,,which if enacted may have placed them is a competitive position..As it is,,they sent their lobbyist to fight and successfully thwart them in govt..The foreign auto makers have NO pensions (PAID),,or the high wages or guaranteed worker employment.. They also have part timers with NO benefits !! If the Union Auto workers were gone,, the foreign auto makers would drop wages immediately,,and do whatever they REALLY want to do...Believe me,,foreign auto makers,,don't want to make their cars over seas,,not when the cost of a car is only 10 percent of the cost,,and 90 percent returns to the country of origin !! And besides that ,,they BUY the land that their plants are built on,,and little by little get to own quite a bit of American Real Estate !! LION HOUSE

  • 1 decade ago

    Unions were an essential force in gaining rights for workers around the world.

    We are fortunate now that that the rights that the unions fought for - and in some cases had to strike and sadly die for - have been institutionalized as part of the law in the US and in State and local laws.

    Unions are no longer necessary for workers and have become a disruptive force in the marketplace.

    Because union wages and benefits are not competitive, the unions demand, and usually get, set-asides from governments for contracts or enter into monopolistic arrangements with companies or entire industries, forcing them to use only union labor at above market rates.

    This increases prices for consumers and harms the poor, working and middle classes.

    Unions have driven industries out of the United States, forcing factories and entire industries to close and often move overseas when the cost of labor made it impossible to continue to produce their products in the US.

    The higher cost of union labor drives jobs overseas and other people lose their jobs because of it..

    Personal experiences:

    We had to pay $75/hr for a union electrician in Chicago to plug in an extension cord. We were forbidden to do that by union rules in our own booth at a trade show. My 8 year old kid can do that.

    The electrician was on his lunch break so we had to wait an hour.

    In New York, we had to pay $95/hr. for a union engineer to turn on a microphone - yes, flip a switch, that I have been doing for years in other studios - because of union rules.

    Wage and hour laws, anti-discrimination, OSHA, environmental, safety, and other laws now protect workers.

    Employers now provide benefits, including health insurance, 401k's, paid vacations, and sick leave because they compete for good workers.

    Union membership has been steadily declining because they are no longer needed since the law now provide the protections that unions once did.

    Union labor can no longer compete on the open market.

    The only way they can survive is by using the power of the Democratic party to force business and taxpayers to pay above-market rates for union labor.

    A fair wage for a fair day's work is a good thing - but there's nothing to gain from unions any longer except higher costs to everyone.

  • 1 decade ago

    An honest look at unions will show you they have been more of a hurt than a help in the last 30 odd years. Clothing workers fought and got unions, the unions asked for so much stuff, the companies moved to China and Mexico. How are those jobs working out? The UAW and their insane demands is 99% of the reason the big 3 are going down the toilet.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No, unions force unrealistic payroll budgets on companies, causing American made goods to cost more to produce than Japanese and German counterparts.

    When I grew up, we had a grocery store called Be-Lo. The workers all went union, and they were thrilled to get big increases in their hourly wages! Guess what? Within 2 years ALL of the Be-Lo stores closed. Why? Because the company had no way to make up the loss of profit caused by the higher wages they were forced to pay. The profit margin of a grocery store is extremely small. They couldn't raise food prices because the customers would just shop elsewhere. So they went out of business, and all those Be-Lo employees who demanded the union were in the unemployment line. And a company owner who had provided hundreds of jobs was put out of business by that union.

    That is the reality of unions, not the 'feels right' BS that the liberals believe.

    PS lionhouse (below), the Democrats were in control in 1979. Jimmy Carter and a Dem-majority Congress. Learn your history and facts from a source that isn't CNN or some liberal biased source,

  • 1 decade ago

    Your question is lacking in logic and can't be answered because it is basically a rant.

    How much of the cost of a GM car is the health care for one union worker? The correct answer is 5%.

    Unions will NOT keep jobs from going overseas. A strong work ethic and our investment in a real education will. Our ideas, inventions, and OUR PEOPLE are what make this country great!

    Source(s): I can name a dozen skilled worker jobs that aren't union that pay over $20/hr. Can you? I'm only talking about one industry - tech. The answer was in front of your face.
  • 1 decade ago

    Unions that started this country understood their role in the economy and always were careful not to overburden the companies. Today's unions strong-arm companies into ridiculous wages and benefit packages that cause companies to go belly up. Labor unions are the most corrupt organization in America.

  • 1 decade ago


    It used to be that way.

    However, as more and more countries become industrialized, they compete against American workers to produce lower cost products. Look at Hyundai cars, and Sanyo televisions, as well as Samsung cell phones.

    Unions will drive jobs out of the US.

    As it is, Boeing is building half of the 787 Dreamliner overseas rather than in the Seattle area.

    Unions will probably be strong in the government sector, like for teachers, police officers, fire fighters, etc., but for private sector, they will have to compete with non-union on a equal footing, or expire.


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