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Why do guys never like me ?

I have the odd random guy sometimes there pretty hot..

most of the time there complete.. losers/

Ive bought 20 face washes, pushup bras(thank gosh i grew out of it), low cut tops,tight jeans, baggy jeans, t shirts, I've bleached my hair, dyed it brown.. I've acted kind, dumb(my bestfreind liked me more..), shy, innocent, confident (as much as i can be), slutty, conserved.. and nothing.

The kind of guys a like , the pretty popular, sporty, okay looking

guys i would be happy dating never take a second look.

But for some reason they like a girl named macy that surprise surprise looks exactly like me except with flawless skin and smaller boobs and oh yeah she acctually good at sports.

Ive spend so much time trying to be liked

i forgot who i am.

People are so stereotypical on this website, when i asked this question they said i wasn't self conscious and a blonde slut,

then i see a girl with a lower top and the only explanation for why people were kind to her is.. shes brunette. Wow.

So I've had straight A's my whole life.. and people still have the nerve to call me a dumb blonde,

so this is me and dont judge me.

Whats wrong with me?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    To be blunt.....You need to stop obsessing and just live your life. Do the things you enjoy and just be YOU.

    You will meet someone. This will happen when you're not trying so hard, but just as a normal part of life.

    You'll be just fine. Believe me......

  • 1 decade ago

    nothing, something's wrong w those people!!!!! i go thru the same thing w my family **sighs**

    i've come up w a theory a few years ago. i'm also a full-chested woman. but have u seen keira knightley? it seems the new ideal woman are those boylike shaped girls! (no offense to anyone else reading this.) but this is nothing to be in any way sad about!! in the 1950's chunky women were considered the ideal woman. then they started getting thinner. it's nothing personal, the world just gets weird, right?

    i'm so glad u realize there's nothing wrong with you.

    thans for your good answer on my question and since i followed ur link, you may add me. ;)

  • 1 decade ago

    well im don't think nothign bad about you i just think that you can maybe have your ways sometimes but..the problem is that all of the stuff that you do is the wrong thing to do if you would not have done all of that i think you would be straight but my advice to you is to just don't look at someone else and automatically want to be like them and dont take what other people say about you for grantent don't pay any attention to the people who think of you in bad ways just calm down on some of the stuff you do and be yourself..... MY ADVICE

    Source(s): i don't have a site my mom told me that a long time ago....
  • 1 decade ago

    there is nothing wrong with u... there's something wrong with ppl.... im just like u... im trying so hard... im trying to get ppl to like me..... a lot of ppl are racist ..... i dont care about what color ur hair is or isnt... or where u r from.... i care about ur (everyones) personality..... looks shouldnt matter.... i know what u mean.... im in a situation like urs.... there is nothing wrong with u... be ur self... that's what my friends always say and i never listen... ppl (the ones who rnt stereotypical) like ppl who are themselves .... meaning they dont try to be someone else.... haha i know im saying this and not doing it myself.... but i do it b/c i hate the way i am..... and i know u dont hate urself.... the changes u've done... like dyeing ur hair or wearing tight cloths... they should be done for urself not for other ppl..... so im just letting u know there is nothing wrong with u.... there is something wrong with the ppl.....

    Source(s): ME !!
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    nothings wrong with you...not to be mean but dnt try so yourself and do things u clubs and things like tat...dnt act like the gurl everyone likes.....or everyone knows...if they call u a dumb blonde....they just jealous!!!im asian=i get sum dumb compliments too...ur not alone!!!!lol........

  • 1 decade ago

    i'm in the same boat!

    i've been figuring it out lately, and i think its because they go for the middle of the line girls because they're afraid of getting rejected by the one's they like the most?

    idk guys confuse me.

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