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I don't know what to get my daughter for Christmas!!?

She is 2 and we already bought her the Elmo Live but I don't know what else to get her....she has a cabbage patch doll and 2 other baby dolls and doesn't play with them...she usually plays with her brothers old power rangers...not sure if I should just get her clothes..but that would be lame for a 2yr old no? We bought my 4yr old Rock Band 1 and the game for 2, we bought him some Star Wars light sabers, a monopoly game, and some other small things...

so I don't know what to get my princess...she already has a kitchen set, she has a barbie car and barbie...she has a brat doll...but she doesn't really play with them...


We already have a Wii, XBOX 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo DS and that wouldn't work...and she is 2, she wouldn't be interested, I don't think?

Update 2:

We already have tons of art supplies but they don't have an easle...that would be a good idea or a sand/water table...

Update 3:

Well the systems are my kids or I don't play them...they have not shown any interest at all until my son saw Rock Band and we thought it would be something we can all do as a family...we have tons of board games, books and art supplies...and my kids have never played with a box lol That would be cool though and less expensive lol

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    My daughter loved this last year

    Maybe something like this?

    What about a doll stroller?

    Maybe a wagon?

    My daughters still use this

    How about a table and chairs set?

    This looks sort of interesting

    One of my daughters really enjoyed this

    She might like this

    This was a big hit at our house this summer

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    A barbie car or a barbie jeep.

    Books (definitely)

    Candyland and Chutes and ladders (they have a new Candyland game out- it's too cute!)

    A weekend trip to Disney over christmas break.

    A rocking horse.

    Butterscotch Pony (look it up on

    Or Biscuit the dog (the toy dog that acts real)

    Swim with me Puppy (a perfect bath time toy)

    My kids LOVED the puppets and dolls and soft doll houses from

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    Honestly, you don't need any of those things for a two year old (or any child) They're more interested in the box than what comes in it anyway. The simpler, the better. Think more in the line of balls, stacking toys and wooden blocks. Research shows the more complicated or high tech the toys are the less creative your child will become.

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    I'm on the same boat with my 1 year old. She has nearly everything she needs, including clothes and little nick nacks. What about books? Coloring books? Sing a long tapes?

    Edited to add: If you're daughter is anything like mine, she loves boxes and dollhouses. I was actually thinking of taking a relatively big box, and doing what my father did when I was young... he used to cut holes for a "door" and "window" in it and I got so many hours of entertainment just with a simple box...

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    Definitely go with art supplies or some of those read-aloud books. I know she's young, but the sounds should be entertaining and it'll be better for her to grow up with books than video games.

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    Im getting my 2 and 3 year old granddaughters those new cameras for toddlers. they are very nice and durable. They are also getting their own laptop learning computer from radio shack. and i am going to start them their own charm bracelets. they wont get much use from them now but i thought wen they get older they might appreciate me starting it now. from james avery. then little stuff.

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    playstation 3

    and games

    expensive enough for you?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    or maybe a wii

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    well first of all shes not a princess, shes a kid. if you dont know what to get your kid, your kids have to much

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