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Does anyone have camp Casey phone number???? I really need it!?

I need to get a hold of a soldier over there like now and I can not find the number..

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    There are several ways to get in touch with a Soldier at Camp Casey. I listed below. It would be useful to have the Soldier's unit information, and to get a chaplain's phone number when you call. The country code and area code are hard to figure out, so dial "011-82"--- then the number.

    1. Try calling a chaplain: 011-82-10-8261-0142

    2. Try USO Camp Casey:

    Tel:(82.31) 869-4466/4813/4812

    Fax:(82.31) 862-1308


    BLDG: S3025 Eesadan, Camp Casey

    Dongduchon, Kyunggi-do

    3. The red cross is regional, so find the phone number at this website.

    Talk to an operator, and they will get a message to your service member.

    4. Here are numbers for FRG assistants:

    Family Readiness Support Assistants (FRSA)

    Mrs. Mihwa Higgins, G1

    Camp Red Cloud, Uijeongbu


    Mrs. Kyong Benner, DSTB

    Camp Red Cloud, Uiheongbu

    Mrs. Amy Hickerson, 1HBCT

    Camp Hovey, Dongduchon


    Mrs. Helen Niederhauser, 1HBCT

    Camp Hovey, Dongduchon


    Mrs. Rachel Kang, 210 Fires

    Camp Casey, Dongduchon

    Mrs. Michelle Lee, 210 Fires

    Camp Castle, Dongduchon


    Mrs. April Gadberry, 2nd CAB

    Camp Humphreys

    Mrs. Jennifer Fetterman, 2nd CAB

    Camp Humphreys

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    Camp Humphreys Taxi Phone Number

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    If it's an emergency (life or death) you need to contact the Red Cross and have a message sent.

    If you don't have a number for them the best thing is the base operator. But you would need unit info.

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    Hmm... there are a lot of phones on an Army base. Whom are you trying to reach?

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