How to Restore Faith?

I'm sure I'm going to get answers telling me to leave him alone to do as he pleases and that there is no God, but I'd like to ask right now for those people to keep that to themselves. It's not helpful and I'm not really interested in answers about whether or not I should help him/there is God.

My boyfriend of eighteen months has recently been feeling out-of-touch with God, mainly because there's really no empirical evidence for God. I think it probably came from our Anthropology project of Creationism vs. Evolution (which was irritating and idiotic, as the rest of our group did absolutely nothing and the argument wasn't as coherent as I would like, but I digress) because, well, while there were some interesting and persuasive evidences, others were completely stupid.

I've had quite a few strange things happen within my family (ie, a non-believer cousin could not find his own mother's apartment in the apartment complex the day/time she died, surrounded by her Christian children, though he went there often) as well as more ordinary "miracles", so I'm more compelled to believe in things without scientific proof, but he's hung up on the fact that no big miracles happen anymore.

But I don't even think it's that. Some events have been documented (Near Death Experiences - I mean the awareness and group types, not the "bright tunnel" type) and not very well debunked.

Anyway, completely off topic, so tying back into the question: how do you restore faith in someone who doesn't really have a reason not to believe in it? He just doesn't "feel" it, because religion/God is not provable/disprovable.


He accepted God a few years back, so that's not quite it. *shrugs* I don't know, I just think he doesn't feel inspired...which changes my problem to finding a good, dynamic church (because the one I go to is stagnating - all the people are old, and I only go because there's another congregation that my family is part of).

And thank most of you, I hope I can help him (and yes, he does want help).

@ Missouri: I'm gullible because the correlations are just a bit uncanny? Thank you - I didn't insult your belief (or intelligence, or rationality) that everything must be coincidence and chance. Quite a few sciences aren't "proven" and God hasn't been disproven. I did ask that if you were going to complain, don't post.

Update 2:

And I just love how people thumbs down all the helpful/Christian answers.

Isn't it just a bit...ah...prejudiced?

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    Keep studying the absolute stupidity of evolution and he will have his faith restored.

    Evolution teaches spontaneous generation of life; abiogenesis

    Evolution teaches "mutation and natural selection" steered all species; yet DNA locks in species into a band of change...very rigidly.

    Evolution absolutely does not and cannot answer the Cambrian Explosion and the complexities of cells and the structures related to our complex plant.

    Evolution cannot explain the anthropic principles...800 and counting.

    "...for those who come to God must first BELIEVE that He is AND that He is a REWARDER of those who Deligently seek after Him..."

    Faith in God or faith in luck...which is it? Luck is absolutely not the answer...nor does it "work" scientifically. I have problems with God, it is called my sinful nature...who is to fault for that but me?

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    To start off, It's very admirable that you worry about his spiritual state. A lot of other people don't care. Good on you for that.

    Just a few thoughts, and you don't really need to answer them if you don't feel comfortable doing so. How old is he? I'm thinking you two are still young. Much as every day counts, God still has time to work on him. God always has a plan. You shared miracles that happened to you, and not to him. Maybe miracles haven't happened to him yet? Things that, like to you, would make him more compelled to believe in things without scientific proof.

    If he got his new found "there is no God" belief from Anthropology class, there will be things in the world outside that would happen to him to make him turn back to his faith. He wouldn't even remember that anthropology thing when it does. All we need is faith in God, and prayer for him. He doesn't even have to know you're praying for him. God will move when and where you and I cannot.

    There are a lot of things that cannot be proven in this world, but it doesn't change the fact that those same things are true. Hopefully he'll realize that. Or maybe he wouldn't even need that to turn back to God. These things are different for all of us after all, right? Don't lose hope.

    Maybe I didn't really answer your question. But I hope it offered a little comfort. I know how bothering it is to have your significant other start losing faith. I'll be praying for both of you. :) God bless.

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    You don't! Can't you see that he found the truth about gods? It's you that needs to see how gullible you are for believing in something that's never been proven. What you see as miracles are simple coincidences.

    If you can't deal with the fact that your boyfriend became a logical, thinking being, find some other brainwashed person.

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    This may or may not be helpful but I have a few websites you may want to check out that could help you two. I am a devoted christian but even the pastors of churches have admitted to doubting certain statements about religion. These websites have answers and resources that may help you. They certainly help me if I ever find myself questioning. There is a series done by Andy Stanley and Louie Giglio called Undeniable that will BLOW YOUR MIND!

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    You can't. And you shouldn't try.

    He is a lost sheep. If god wants him, God will show him a way. If not, either God doesn't care, or there is no God.

    You can't give someone faith in something for which there is no evidence. I cannot give you faith that I am a goblin, you can't give someone faith that there is a god. Either they decide to suspend their disbelief, or they don't.

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    we all go thru the ups and downs lows and highs of our faith in god and when the faith level meters are low you can bet satan/demons are always there to help bring it lower this is also how god chastizes us to help bring our faith in him back up to strengthen our faith, never let this world and the evil one thats in it get the best of you you are a soldier/disciple of god so put on the armor of god and slay that devil rite out of your way! jesus told satan to get behind him! jesus specificly gave satan an order and so can you! in the name of god! jesus also fought the temptations of satan with god's words from the scriptures! this is sharper than any two egded sword,use it that what god gave us it for! paul told god to get the devil/demon assigned to him off his back! but god told him that he should do it for we have this power for god has gave it to us! so cast that old serpant down to the depths of hel and be done with him once and for all! turn not back to his ways of wickedness for jesus told us that when we do that more evil ones will come in than the first time. meaning satan will come with some backup his fellow fallen angles to finish the job. be sure not to let this happen. dont want to be haven to getn no exorcizims!

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    First of all, pray for your boyfriend of 18 months. Make sure you both attend a good church which emphasizes Biblical principles. Surround yourselves with friends who can encourage you, who are positive, and who challenge you to walk close to the Lord.

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    If he hasnt gotten the Holy Spirit yet, then tell him to get it. Go with him to a pastor or a deacon and tell them that he wants it. And your bf has to also sincerely want it, not just say sure Ill take it. It helps you through tough times, and restores your faith in him. It also brings us closer to him in every way but understanding the Bible more.

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    pray to god and ask him to pray to god and just to talk to him and try to find love in him again

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    Here is a real good web site. It helped me. Maybe you could get him to watch it. Its really good!

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