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Funniest thing said by a little kid?

I used to volunteer at a Children's hospital so I heard a lot of things.

Two girls were arguing. They were like 6-7.

Girl1: Your wrong, only daddies have p*nises.

Girl2: No, mommies have them too.

Girl1: Na-ah


They go back and forth for a little while until Girl2 says "Ya-huh, my mommy has a p*nis, it's purple and it goes buzzzz"

Another kid was walking into the waiting room and said (seriously) "Hey everybody! My daddy has a big hair P*nis. I saw it in the shower. Show em, dad!" His dad just about fainted.

I was in McDonald's with my aunt and her kids. And this Black guy in Army fatigues walks in and her son(4) says,loudly "Look Mommy! A Black G.I. Joe!" His sister was so embarrassed she ran out of the restaurant.

What are your stories?

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    Daddy is the ruler of the family, until grandma comes along, he becomes on of us,

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    I have a couple, first off my 7 year old son told me out of the blue that he knew what a condom was and I had one in my jacket pocket....I was mortified ( I do not carry condoms by the way) and told him to bring it to me. He proceeded to bring me a tampon slap it down on my desk and say see I told you so. Whew.....what a relief :)

    second, in discussing how wrong it is to drink and drive when you have four wheels under you much less two (referring to motorcycles parked at a bar) my youngest son (6 years) stated he completely agreed because how could they drink and drive without cup holders? Oh the innocence of a child lol :)

    I could go on and on but those are two that really stand out for me.

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    Took kids on an excursion on a container ship in Sydney Harbour. Walking past a door called "Sailor's Mess". Girl asked what was in there. Sailor leading us said go have a look. She went in and came out and said, "Not very messy in there at all."

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    I used to take my nephew on a little train in a tourist thing and he looked at a guy in front of us and said, "Uncle, why is that man so fat?" the guy's wife busted up laughing and I told him not to say things like that.

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    That's hilarious.

    Little 3 year old: Are those your real teeth?

    To this woman with horribly crooked teeth

    I was with the little girl. I was so embarrased.

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    there was a lil kid in the back seat of the car and he saw a cop car and said

    "aw shoot there go the po po. Imma put my hands up like this. like this." he was putting his hands up like that.

    he was 4 or 5 wen it happened. so funny.

  • T.M.
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    Haha! That's so funny!

    My neice. She's 6. We're drinking milk and she randomly shouts:

    "Milk comes out of the cows uterus right?"

    I about died.

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    probably, when i was in 5th grade...waaaaaaaay back, i was there and i had a 1rst grade buddy and like the map was out..and it was the united states (where i am) and like Indiana was there, and she pointed and she was all like, whoaaaaaa India!!!!!!!

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    ahahhha lol

    ok i was with my lil cousin who is like 5 (girl)

    this girl walked bywith huge breast and then she shouts to her those are so fake ***** unlike mine!!!

    i unno where she got that from

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    My nephew is 4 and when his baby sister cries because she is hungry, you ask my nephew why she is crying he says "cause she wants the boob!"

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