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where are these wrestlers when are they coming back to RAW?

all of these wrestlers are still on the roster but it's been ages since i've them, when will they be back?

Where Is Deuce?

Jamie Noble?

Paul Burchill?

Ted DiBiase Jr.?

Val Venis?

D.H. Smith?

Gregory Helms?

Gavin Spears?

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    Deuce-MIA will be released next couple weeks

    Noble-Dark matches

    Paul Burchill-Dark Matches

    Dibiase jr-Kayfabe concussion when RKO punted his head

    Val Venis-injured

    DH Smith-FCW



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    Deuce - got drafted to RAW, would be released soon.

    Jamie Noble - he was in battle royal held at Nov 10th, on RAW.

    Paul Burchill - participating in dark matches.

    Ted DiBiase Jr - is out of pictures, maybe for a short time.

    Gregory Helms - was injured but now returning as Hurricane.

    Val Venis - don't know exactly, but he is still in roster.

    D.H. Smith - Florida Championship Wrestling.

    Gavin Spears - Florida Championship Wrestling

    Florida Championship Wrestling = WWE's development territory.

    Source(s): wikipedia
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    Dibiase, Jr. is out 4 the filming of the Marine 2

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    You see Jamie Noble, Paul Burchill, and Ted Dibiase Jr. (he got kicked in the head do he''l be out for awhile) all the time.

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    well helms is returning to smackdown and nobles been in a few matches on raw but im not sure about the other ones.

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