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difference between a nurse and care assistant?

what is the difference between a nurse and a care assistant ?

what jobs do they both include ?

what qualifications do you need to become a nurse or care assistant?

what are the differences in pay?

thanks x


in the U.K

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    The short answer to your first question is - a lot of study and training. For the rest - which country are you asking about. English systems are different from those of say Australia, or Canada, or the U.S.A. or South Africa. Please be more precise.

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    In the UK, Both do a similar job.

    Care assistants can help provide all basic personal care and can complete minor nursing tasks, such as testing urine, taking blood pressure, dressing minor wounds etc.

    They cannot take blood samples; administer certain medication etc – anything that is invasive and potentially dangerous if done incorrectly.

    Training for care assistants usually comes in the form of NVQ, a vocational qualification that assesses their competence and understanding of what is expected. Care assistants aren’t paid well. They tend to be on minimum wage, despite physically working much harder than qualified nursing staff in many cases.

    NVQ Level 3 in Care is an entry requirement to study and qualify as a registered nurse, although 5+ GCSE’s at grade C and above (including English and Maths) is also acceptable. Many qualified nurses previously worked as care assistants.

    Nurses train for three years - full time and combine the classroom with placements in different area.

    First year is spent doing general adult nursing and the following two years, in the area of their choice (general nursing / mental health nursing etc)

    Qualified nurses can expect a salary of around £20,000 once qualified and with a year’s experience. They earn higher salaries due to the level of qualification and the responsibility, which comes with it.

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    In their own home, main differences as follows - Care assistant may assist with day to day life including help with feeding at mealtimes, dressing, getting in and out of bed - general day to day tasks really. Nurse, all of the above to be honest (if they are a real nurse who hasnt forgotten what it really means to be a nurse!!!) but the main difference here is that a nurse can administer medication. A GP can diagnose illness, prescribe medication, and refer someone to hospital or specialist for further treatment if necessary. Hope this helps.

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    When you say care assistant, are you meaning to say a nurse's aid?

    Nurse - goes to school between 1 year - 4 years. Makes $20 and up. Can take vital signs, take blood and start catheters, IV's, etc.

    LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) - goes to school for 1 year, makes $20-24/hour. Cannot start IV's.

    RN (Registerd Nurse) - goes to school for 2 -4 years, makes $25-40/hour. Can start IV's and gets the most respect out of all the nurses.

    Nurse's aid - goes to school for only a few weeks. Makes $8-12/hour. Takes vital signs, helps patients with hygiene (helping them to the bathroom, cleaning them, washing them, changing their clothes) Helps change sheets (even when patients are still laying in the bed - there are techniques of rolling the patients over).

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    All I know is one is more qualified than the other and is able to do more things with a patient.

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