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newborn birth certificate in arkansas ?

I had my baby on the 12th, and I was just wondering if her birth certificate is going to come in the mail, and about how long it usually takes. I forgot to ask them while I was in the hospital.

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    I had to order my kids' certificates. In Idaho they're $13 each, it will probably be about the same price in Arkansas. I had a form to order one in the papers from the hospital so you may have the form already. But you can download it from this site I found for you:

    There shouldn't be any huge rush, though. I didn't need my son's until he went to preschool.

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    I live in Northwest Arkansas and had my baby in August....I still don't have her birth certificate. Yes they send it in the mail but I am guessing it takes a long time since I still haven't gotten hers!

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    I think you need to order it from the paperwork that the hospital gives you, they said I would have to send in $14, I actually forgot about ordering though, thanks for reminding me.

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