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properties of rotation and translation in maths?

what is the properties of rotation and translation in maths??

what does it mean by properties??? please help....

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    Rotation and translation are "affine" transformations.

    So if you have a set of points, X, and you transform them using a rotation and/or a translation to get a new set of points, Y, the angles formed by any three points in X will be the same as the corresponding three points in Y.

    Also, the distances between points are preserved. For any two points in X, the distance between them will be the same as the corresponding two points in Y.

    So, in summary, rotations and translations are affine transformations and therefore:

    1) Angles are preserved

    2) Distances are preserved

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    a contemplated photograph is whilst something is contemplated for the period of a line. to illustrate, in case you seem right into a lake, you are the unique image, the shor line is the reflecting line and you contemplated photograph is the 2nd photograph. yet another occasion is A a million A (the single is the line of contemplated photograph) A rotation is whilst a shape is spinned yet interior the comparable place. to illustrate, take slightly paper, placed the top of you pencil on a undeniable element and spin the paper. it is a rotation. A translation is once you're taking a shape and flow it, (think of tranportation). =) desire i helped ( i admire geometry)

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