If I make signed, numbered prints of my work how do I do that?

Like if I am doing a series of 100, do I put 01/100, the title of the picture then sign it? (all underneath, in pencil) Then on the original, when I go to frame it what do I write? Anything? It's the original and it's already signed.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well, the first print, would be 1/100. I assume you are talking about printmaking, right? So the only real "original" would be the plate.

    here is a good representation of how to do it:


    if you are adding the title, it would go in the middle

    if you are adding the date, it would go next to your signature

    i haven't heard of people doing a series number if it is a print of a painting (basically a copy)... but you can do anything you want :)

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