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Could I get accepted to an Ivy league?

here are my grades/credentials as of now;

freshmen year semester 1 and 2 (semester long classes have one grade)

English I honors- B, B (All Honors not weighted)

public speaking- B

Adventure experience 1- A

Algebra I A, A

Orchestra A, A

Biology B, B

World history A, A

French II B, B

GPA- 3.571, 3.42

extra curricular/activities- track, orchestra (viola), community service, skiing.

sophomore year both semesters

Info processing I A

English II Honors B, B

Orchestra A, A

Aquatic biology A

Human anatomy A

Genetics A

AP Human geography A, A (actual A's, 5 points on 4.0 scale)

French III C, B

GPA- 3.571, 3.714

extra curricular/activities- orchestra, community service (couldn't do track because it conflicted with orchestra which is more important to me), Tri-M music honor society, skiing.

junior year both semesters

AP Biology A, A (actual A's)

AP United States History A, A (Actual A's)

Zoology A

Chemistry A, A

Orchestra A, A

AP Literature and Composition B, B (actual B's 4.0 value)

Algebra II Honors B, B

GPA 4.14, 4.14

Extra curricular/activities- orchestra (first chair viola), Continental league Honor orchestra, Tri-m music honor society, community service, skiing.

Senior year

AP Chemistry A, A, A (takes up two class periods second semester, Actual A's)

AP Government A (actual A)

AP Language and Composition B, B (

Honors Trig/pre calculus A, A

Orchestra A, A

Adventure II A

Astronomy A

Physics A, A

GPA 4.28, 4.28

extra curricular/activities- orchestra (first chair viola), Continental league Honor orchestra, Tri-m music honor society, community service, National Honor society, skiing

Act 30, cumulative GPA 3.89, top 10%


neither of my parents graduated from college (one dropped out of high school, the other from college)

relatively difficult upbringing (I mention this because I heard it can help)- long story short my mother went crazy, showed up once every few days, drank a lot, uncountable number of police incidents including multiple ones where she falsely accused my brother and father of felonies (assault with a weapon, destroying private property etc.) resulting with them being temporarily incarcerated. Through a bitter divorce that left our family close to bankruptcy they separated. She is currently incarcerated waiting for trial for arson and vehicular assault.

I Attend the #2 best high school in the state of Colorado (scored a 10 out of 10 on the assessments compared to the 2's scored by the other city schools)

Im a Caucasian male

*I would want to major in biology (took every life science class my school offered and almost all the earth sciences ones) and either double major in musical performance (viola) or minor in it.

based off of this what schools could I get accepted to? Are Ivy leagues an option?

P.S sorry for the long explanation i just wanted an accurate answer

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    No one here can give you an accurate answer. We are not on the application committee at an ivy league school.

    19,323 students applied to Yale and 1,911 got accepted. So odds are bad. But that doesn't mean you don't try. It means you apply to other colleges as back ups.

    Your transcripts look good, but you are going to be up against tough competition.

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  • 4 years ago

    If you really favour get a degree from a top 25/ivy league school think about going two years elsewear maybe a small local two year college if you miss the first time around. Out of high school I failed to get into most school however after two year I was able to get into UBC on a transfer. While it is not ivy league or 25 top (we're Canadain we are however canadain ivy) my program is valued higher then a number of ivy league school futher even if your coming from the state most Canadain school will be cost less. An America at UBC will on average pay less the one going to a state school the point being that pick a school upon wich program out want and don't rule anything out.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You could always try, but it may be harder for Ivy Leagues to choose you out of the crowd.

    A UC or a second-best private school is a definite option that you may want to take.

    You're a smart kid, you'll get far. Keep up the hard work, and you'll only increase your chances to get in.

    Good luck.

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  • Anonymous
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    Possible but they have a lot of people like you so you might not be able to. Try applying to Columbia or Princeton. I heard Columbia was an "easy" IV league school to get into but incredible hard.

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