On Supernatural, what exactly happened to Dean in hell?

what happened? why doesn't eh want to talk about it? what episode could i watch to find out?


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Probably the best episode to watch would be last Thursday's episode - 'Heaven and Hell'. There's a storyline about a fallen angel and another white eyed demon called Alistair and at the end of the episode, Dean finally confesses to Sam what happened to him while he was in Hell.

    Dean explains that from his perspective, he was in Hell for 40 years. He talks about how there was eventually nothing let of him… and they would restore him. Again and again. Each day, Alastair offered to end his torture if Dean took up the knife to torture other souls. For 30 years Dean told him no… and then gave in. Sam tries to reassure him but a crying Dean insists he couldn't feel anything.

    Poor Dean!!! :*(

    You can watch that episode online here:


    There's a few different links to choose from.

    Hope this helps : ) x

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  • 3 years ago

    Dean In Hell

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