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united states. vs miller.............?

I absoluty dont understand the case Miller VS United States, even after reading wikipieda. It is so inconsise. Can someone please explain what this case is about, or other sources besides wiki. THanks

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    The United States v. the 2nd Amendment.

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    It held that the Second Amendment did not keep Congress from enacting a law that prohibits sawed-off shotguns, because nobody produced any evidence that such a weapon could be used by the military. This was mainly because nobody showed up for the defense at the arguments before the Supreme Court, as any 4th grader would know that those EXACT weapons were used in World War I, and thus were ABSOLUTELY protected by the Second Amendment, even if used by Miller and Layton during a bank robbery.

    Editorial: Just because something can be used illegally does not give the federal government the right to pre-empt its use by prohibiting its possession to anyone without a good reason. Until the feds came along, you could walk into any Woolworth's and buy a handgun by plunking down the adequate cash, or order one from the Sears catalog.

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    I've never read the case so I'm not familiar with it and am frankly to lazy right now to do it, but you can probably find the whole case with a summary by going to either Harvard or Cornell University's web site and clicking on the links to take you to legal research, it's free.

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