What is the best of the "big three" in anime?

The unofficial big three in anime are Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece. What I want to know is which one of the big three anime do YOU like and don't be afraid to give me some details.


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    1. One Piece

    -- This one has maintained its top spot in Japan for 10 years. I just need to point that one out because we all knows Japan is the hardest place to be on top since they're producing a lot of manga/anime every day.

    -- Although the series is long and still on going, the plot and storyline isn't drag on like the other two you mention. See my other answer on this question to see how the storyline is been organized by the author


    -- The character development is great and well organized too. For example, chapter one of One Piece has a connection with chapter 225 of One Piece. That was in between Volume 1 and Volume 25!

    -- I really respect the author for being so strict with his series. He even participating with the anime company because the company must consult him before making a filler episode and character. He don't want some filler stuff ruin his series because like I said earlier, he already plan his manga. Even the ending has been planned out.

    -- The comedy/comic relief on this manga is so random. I really have a good laugh whenever I read the series. Sure, they always not being so serious for some part, but whenever they got into a fight, they're really focus and determine.

    -- The past life of each of the crew member is really tragic. Even the story behind some of the arc is tragic (ie; Alabasta arc and Skypiea/Golden Village arc). Even the story about their ship (yes, S-H-I-P) is tragic. It really touched your emotion.

    2. Naruto

    -- The series start off good. I like most of the characters and their character development. However, the character development for their main character (Naruto Uzumaki) is poorly made.

    -- I really like the early part where he always so determined to win a match or earn respect from others. His past life is tragic too. Then, the author introduced Gaara. The author once stated that Gaara is the darker version of Naruto. How could you do that to your main character? I mean, he basically made Gaara's character much more interesting than Naruto!

    -- Then on Shippuden, turns out that Naruto is not the only that has a demon sealed in his body. They're other peoples that have the same experience like Naruto (including Gaara) I mean, the author basically takes all of the unique part in Naruto's character and put it on someone else! I don't see any interesting/special characteristic in Naruto anymore. I just don't think he's a great main character, in fact, I didn't even know who's the main character in Naruto because it seems to me, its all about Sasuke now (ironically, Sasuke has much depth and better storyline/character developments than Naruto).

    -- The storyline is getting repetitive. I like the early part of Naruto where they have a lot of arcs. We got Zabuza on it, the death of 4th Hokage, Chunin Exam, etc. They're all so memorable and great to look back. In Shippuden, they storyline is basically

    Naruto meets Tsunade >> Naruto trying to retrieved Sasuke >> Failed >> Go back to Konoha to train a new jutsu >> Meets Akatsuki member >> Fight >> Wins/Lose >> Shows what Sasuke's been up to >> Repeat from the start.

    -- They're basically killed off Akatsuki's member one by one. That's all.

    -- The comedy/comic relief on this manga is very lame. They're basically a toilet joke or a pervert joke. How many times do we get that sexy jutsu jokes in Naruto?

    3. Bleach

    -- I like the early part of series, but the storyline is going downhill so quickly. I mean, after they're done with Rukia's retrieval arc, they re-used the idea by having Orihime's retrieval arc.

    -- The character development is decent. Its not that great. I don't feel attached to any of the characters. Ichigo's characteristic didn't stand out like any other main character in shounen series have.

    -- The comedy/comic relief on this series is much better compared to Naruto, however.... they're still have that lame pervert joke like Naruto. Probably because they both are influenced by Master Roshi from Dragon Ball's joke. *sigh*

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    Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece haven't withstood the test of time to warrant being considered as "big three".

    1. Gundam - This is utterly indisputable. Next year will mark its 30th anniversary, and they're still producing new shows and other works.

    2. Dragonball (Z, GT, etc) - While I bemoan its tendency to overuse several fighting-anime cliches, I will say that it is a good romp. Even though nothing more is being made, it still has a strong international fanbase.

    3. Sailor Moon - Prototypical for all 'magical girl' anime. It did a lot better than most shows, making itself much more than just a bunch of teens running around in short skirts.

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    Well, since you stated the ones that I would put in, I'll put in another 3.

    1. Fullmetal Alchemist

    2. Code Geass

    3. Rurouni Kenshin

    Out of your 3, I like One Piece the most though. Its the funniest anime that I've ever seen. Each episode contains at least some random comedy. Plus, the characters are awesome and funny. I like the action, and the story about pirates is just epic.

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    1. One piece

    2. Naruto

    3. Bleach

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    first 80 or so episodes of bleach were pretty good then it went downhill from there. Naruto was never good its so crappy i seriously wonder why anyone watch it. One Piece is ok i guess its so long that i cant bother watching it tough.


    One piece>>bleach>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>...>>>>naruto

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    1.Dragon Ball Z



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