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Tips for making a successful short film?

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    The answer depends on what you mean by "successful." What are you making the film for? Is it to just entertain you and a few friends? Or do you want to submit it to film festivals? Or do you want to make it to be your "calling card" to attract an Agent so you can possibly get financing for a larger feature film?

    In general, you want to concentrate on the story and characters if you are the Director. Find someone else to help you figure out the logistics (he/she will be your Producer). Have that person find a working professional Cameraman who will have equipment (camera and lighting) and a knowledge of how to help you make your movie look as good as possible.

    Plan everything out as much as possible before you shoot anything. Have your script finished, your locations chosen, your equipment and crew lined up and ready to go, and your schedule set and communicated with everyone. Storyboard your script as much as possible so you don't waste time trying to figure out your shots on set. Be as prepared as possible and everyone involved will have a much better time during the process and that will reflect onto your final product.

    Good luck!

    Brian Dzyak


    IATSE Local 600, SOC


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    don't have much film and you will have a short film.

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