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Never forget

Write something that have happen to you, and you guys will never forget!

( It may be a story or a real thing )

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    The answer provided by "whatiswhat24 ( 碩士級 1 級 ) " is shamelessly copied from an article by Phil Hatlen, Superintendent, Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired - see

    Shame! (Again!)

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    I never forget the first time I met my girlfriend. Her smile and kind personality

    captured my heart.


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    Many years ago, a friend of mine said something that I will never forget. She said that there are three things that every human being needs in life: someone to love, something to do, and something to look forward to. For some of you, this may be nothing more than another cute saying out of one of the many popular books of cute sayings being sold now. As for me, these three things are the meaning of life.

    I'll skip something to do for the moment and come back to it. Someone to love—we all have people we love—our parents, our brothers and sisters, friends, relatives...and those we love most will change as we go through life. Many of you will some day marry, and find a depth of love and caring far greater than you can imagine. This little saying is correct—without someone to love, life is not very interesting. We all need other people in our lives that we can feel close to, can confide in, can be who we really are when we're around them.

    Something to look forward to—can you imagine a life if you had nothing to look forward to? What each of us look forward to will be different. A pay raise, a better job, a promotion, a vacation, a special time with someone we love. I have known blind and visually impaired young people—recently graduated from high school who truly believed that they had nothing to look forward to. It was not easy getting a job, it took work to make friends in their community, it took effort to participate in recreational activities. I remember going to visit two former students of mine—two young men, totally blind,

    2008-11-23 17:29:20 補充:

    22 years old, living together in an apartment. I showed up at their place about 1:30 in the afternoon. I waited a long time for them to answer their doorbell. When they did, it was obvious that I had awakened them. I asked them why they were sleeping through such a beautiful day.

    2008-11-23 17:29:43 補充:

    One of them said that they had no reason to get up, so they felt no motivation to get out of bed. No job, no friends, no hobbies, no interesting activities...nothing to look forward to. Always look beyond what you are doing,

    2008-11-23 17:29:56 補充:

    what you are thinking, where you are and what you're about—always have something to look forward to, and be willing to put forth the effort to make it happen.

    2008-11-23 17:30:13 補充:

    Something to do—the person whom I heard use these words was referring to work. Paid work is what most of us do for five or more days each week. Most of us are pleased that we have something to do—that we do something productive, something that both we and someone else values.

    2008-11-23 17:30:46 補充:

    I'm sure that many of you have heard before that there are basically two kinds of workers. There are those who work to live, and those who live to work. Those of us who work to live perform a job and get paid for it.

    2008-11-23 17:31:04 補充:

    The pay allows us to live our lives with some level of satisfaction. We receive our enjoyment, enrichment, and our beautiful moments in life outside of our job.

    2008-11-23 17:31:08 補充:

    Perhaps the money we make allows us to pursue hobbies and recreational activities that become the pleasure in our lives. But we would not be likely to say that our pleasure comes from our job.

    2008-11-23 17:31:50 補充:

    What about those of us who live to work? Yes, we are paid for what we do, but we also gain a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction from the work we do. Those who live to work receive two benefits from their job:

    2008-11-23 17:32:02 補充:

    they make money, and they get real pleasure from what they do. I fit this second category, and I consider myself truly blessed. I look forward to going to work. I get much pleasure and satisfaction from what I do.

    2008-11-23 17:32:24 補充:

    Perhaps this is because I am a lifelong learner. Every day I learn something new about my job, about how children and youth learn, how people act toward one another in the work place.

    2008-11-23 19:33:48 補充:

    Yes, it is from a website. What's wrong with it? This article is good for the asker.

    Perhaps he can use it for reference. I did not say I wrote this!

    2008-11-23 19:51:05 補充: copied and pasted something for the asker too

    The reason why I did not state" from the net" is because this article is too long and I forgot it.

    2008-11-23 19:51:13 補充:

    Why would it be a shame if someone got information from the net?

    I never said I WROTE IT and I never asked the asker to copy all.

    2008-11-23 19:54:56 補充: more

    I copied and pasted things for the asker to understand

    "persons" is a word.

    2008-11-23 20:02:04 補充:

    I have never copied something or gotten information from the net and "TOLD ANYONE THAT I HAVE WRITTEN IT BY MYSELF " --------NOT EVEN ONCE IN MY LIFE.

    My profile is OPEN all the time.You may go there any time and nail me if you can.

    2008-11-23 20:02:27 補充:

    Go find the evidence to show everyone that""""" I copied or got anything from the net and said I wrote it by myself."""""

    By the way,Tkcdiep, I am so pissed off by your adverb" SHAMELESSLY".

    2008-11-23 20:05:00 補充:

    What the heck! Here is one more

    2008-11-23 20:07:19 補充:


    2008-11-23 20:26:00 補充:


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