是咩組合~在foxy 打lemon ice ,down 唔到.

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    Geeno and Jay Low德國二人組合 LEMON ICE




    1."Stand by me" ( 2-Track)&(Single) 2006年

    2."Only You" (2-Track)& (Single) 2007年

    3."Girl You Know It's True" (2-Track)& (Single) 2007年

    4."Right Here Waiting" (2-Track)& (Single) 2007年

    專輯 :

    "One" (Album) 2007年

    01. Stand By Me

    02. Girl You Know It’s True

    03. Would I Lie To You

    04. Only You

    05. Right Here Waiting

    06. Say You Say Me

    07. Call Me Up

    08. Can U Hear Me

    09. I Wanna Know What Love Is

    10. Only One Breath Away

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