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    1.first of all is that the customer is more important than the technology. I am (steve wozniak) good at technology, Steve Jobs role is more understanding how the product fits into another's life.


    we brought computers to home, was that because of the coloring or thestyle case that fit home? a technical device , from factory into home. Steve appreciate the design, styling that makes it look beautiful.


    one of the way to make product easy to use is when it fits to human life metaphor. calling a screen on the TV as "desktop" as the desktop we are using before computer, make a lot of understanding instantly to the people. This is the human metaphor i am talking about, the shape of the mouse like the nice smooth stone in the creek, which i was impressed by those words.



    2. you have to be one head in charge of everything. there might be 20 engineers working on them, but there still be on head driving them. That is management, when it is weak, the product in the company really suffer. the management should not just get things done by check boxes, but also to make sure it works well.


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    the head of manager,who knows what the product should do, and the head of the users, which has no information about this product. these two heads should become one. Will all the information make sence to those users? so they manager should throw all they know and see from the point of view of user.

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    3.the drive is knowing that you are good at something and been crazed at it in your life. for example, engineers, they design/invent one product that represents themselves. it has to be done perfectly , as it is a part of you.

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    Some engineers are good at getting things done and very rare ones are like artist, they can create new product that leading the trend.來自本身渴望的工作動力才能使產品盡善盡美. 一個工程師在設計一個產品時,都識產品如己出,就會以最高標準要求自己.大部分工程師可以將交付的任務完成,但少數傑出者則如藝術家,創造潮流,引領時尚

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    4. They started the company with no business background, no money, they sold calculators to start the business and that was only few hundred dollars. they just believe in themselves and achieve step by step to higher level of being a big company.

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