How do you register for Royal status?

My name is Vyasa S. Ownby, I am 42nd of descent from Egbert (c. 775-839), King of Wessex from 802 and of England 827 to 839. "How do I register into Royalty"? Is this possible, I am an American? I do not know all the technicalities and requirements. I just recently found last week in my family history that I am related to King's and Queen's of Europe. Can you help me with my answer? I will kindly appreciate all your help. Carl Edward Ownby was my grandfather." GO TO OGLE, FOLLOW THAT ALL THE WAY DOWN AND THEN CLICK ON JOAN DE MOWBRAY, ALICE DE GAUNT, ADALBERT DE GAND TO ARNOLD I COUNT FLANDERS THEN, THAT IS WHERE I FOUND KING EGBERT. You'll have go threw after Joan De Mowbray to find the other branches from all my decedents at Edward I 'Longshanks' England, King.

here is the link:

Here is a list..

Coel 'Old_King_Coel' Coilus Britian

William I 'The_Conqueror' England, [Duke]

John 'Lackland' King England

Edward I 'Longshanks' England, King

Henry I 'Beauclerc' England, [King]

Henry II King England, 'Plantagenet'

Henry III King England

Ethelred II, 'The_Unready' England, King of England

Cynric, King Of England

Duff (Dubh), King Scotland

Malcolm I, King Scotland

Malcolm III, King Scotland Kenneth I, King Scotland, [MacAlpin]

Alpin, King Of Scotland

Eochaid IV King Scotland

Dongart, King Of Scotland

Kenneth II, King Scotland

Kenneth III King Scotland

Malcolm II King Scotland

Constantine I, King Scotland

Duncan I, King Scotland

Eochaid III King Scotland

Urgust, King Of Picts

Fergus (Ungust), King Picts

Erik, King Of Sweden

Emund Eriksson, [King of Sweden]

Olaf III King Sweden

Yngvi-Frey, King Of Swedes

Njord, King Of Swedes

Berenger II King Italy

Pippin (Carloman), King Italy

Bernard King Of Italy

Lothaire I Emperor Holy_Roman_Empir, [King of Italy]

Lothaire II King Lorraine

Charles II, 'The_Bald' Holy_Roman_Empir, King

Hugh Capet, King of France

Henri I France, King of France

Robert I King France, [Count of Paris]

Robert II

'The_Pious' France, King of France

Philippe I King France

Philippe II, King France

Philippe III King France

Louis IX King France

Louis VI King France

Louis VIII King France

Louis VII King France

Charlemagne, Emperor Of Holy_Roman_Empir, [King of the Fra

Foulques V 'le_jeune' Anjou, [King]

Cloderic 'The_Parricide' King Cologne

Siegbert I King Cologne, 'The Lame'

Childebert King Of Cologne

Clovis 'The_Riparian' King Cologne

Ceawlin, King Of Wessex

Egbert, King Of Wessex

Ethelwulf King Of Wessex

Cerdic, King Of Wessex

Ealhmund, Under-King Of Kent

Boso King Of Burgundy

Conrad I King Burgundy

Rudolph Burgundy, [King of]

Conrad II, King Burgundy

Conrad III, King Burgundy

Rudolph II King Burgundy

Louis IV King Franks, ['Transmarinus']

Charles III King Franks, ['The Simple']

Gewar King In Norway

Vladislav II Poland, [King of]

Heinrich IV Emperor Germany Henry III, Emperor Germany

Otto II (Rufus), Germany, Emperor

Andronikos Dukas Prince Dukas, [Emperor]

Snaer King Of Finland

Vladimir I, 'The_Great' Kiev

Bela I, King Hungary

Foulques V 'le_jeune' Anjou, [King]

Merfyn 'Frych' Ap Gwriad, [King of Powys]

Morrough Murchadh, King of Leinster

King Of Leinster Donnchadh, & King of Dublin

King Of Leinster Enna_(Enda)

Dermod Of Leinster MacMurrough, King

King Of Leinster Dermad

King Of Leinster Dunlaing

King Of Leinster Oilliol

King Of Leinster Ugaire

King Of Leinster Tuathal

King Of Leinster Mureadac

King Of Ireland Bran

King Of Leinster Muredac

King Of Leinster Bran_Muit

King Of Leinster Faolan

King Of Leinster Colman

King Of Leinster Cairbre

King Of Leinster Cormac

King Of Leinster Lillial

Ramiro II King Aragon_(Arragon), King

Sancho V Arragon, King

Ramirez Arragon, [King of]

Sancho III Arragon, [King of

Alfonso II, King Aragon

Leon VI, Emperor Byzantine_Empire

Romanos II, Emperor Byzantine_Empire

Konstantinos VII, Emperor Byzantine_Empire

Basileos I, Emperor Byzantine_Empire

Alfonso VII 'Pierre-Raimund' Castile_&_Leon, [King]

Alfonso VIII King Castile

Alphonso V, King Leon

Garcia III, King Navarre

Chimine, Queen Of Navarra

Sancho III, King Navarre

Alphonso V, King Leon

Alfonso VIII King Castile

Sancho III Alfonsez Castile, [King]

Eleanor Countess Of Provence, Queen of England

Eleanor Princess Of England, [Queen]

Eleanore Princess Of Aquitaine, [queen Of England

Margaret 'Atheling', Princess England, [Queen]

Ethelswida (Alswitha), Queen England

Edgiva, Queen Of England

Mrs-Cynric, Queen Of England

Judith Princess Of Franks, Queen of England

Eggwyn, Queen Of England-1 +

Elfrida (Elfthryth), Queen England

Alfgifu (Aelflaed) Queen England

Ealdgyth (Algitha), Queen England

Mrs-Malcolm Queen Of Scotland

Mrs-Constantine I, Queen Scotland

Mrs Kenneth Queen Scotland

Mrs-Kenneth I, Queen Scotland

Mrs-Alpin, Queen Of Scotland

Fergusa (Urgusia), Queen Scotland

Mrs-Eochaid III King Scotland


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    There is no such thing as "registering for royal status". People of English or Welsh descent can (for a fee) submit their pedigree to the College of Heralds in London for checking and registration, if the Heralds find it proved. But that wouldn't by any stretch of the term amount to an acknowledgement of "royal status".

    It has been calculated that it's mathematically probable that 99% of the present-day population of England who are of predominantly English descent (i.e. not recent immigrants) are descended from Edward III alone, never mind descended from all the other English kings in the last millennium. So if you were "royal", on the basis of your research, so would everybody else in England be!

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    When your royal ancestry doesn't start until that far back you aren't considered royalty.

    There is no way you can register to be royalty.

    It is believed by some that 90% of the population of France and Germany are descended from Charlemagne but that doesn't make them all royalty.

    I might add that family trees online should be verified before taking everything as absolute fact. Even in genealogy websites, free or not free, the information is subscriber submitted and mostly not documented or poorly documented. Frequently you will see different info on the same people from different subscribers. Then you will see absolutely same info on the same people from different subscribers, but that is no guarantee it is correct. A lot of people copy without verifying. Actually, if you disagree with something someone has posted on your family on any genealogy websites, the owners of the website will tell you that is between you and the other subscriber. You can make up an entirely fictitious family tree and it will be accepted by the websites.

    Now, since your ancestry is southern, there are very good odds you have some royal ancestry.

    The early English settlers to the colonial south usually came from titled families. This is particularly true of the early Jamestown settlers.

    A man from the College of Arms in London was giving a talk to a genealogy society. He said a man came into the College of Arms stating he wanted to find his coat of arms because he was a "yankee blueblood." He said he asked him, "What do you mean a yankee blueblood?" He stated he had ancestors on the Mayflower. He was told, "My good man, there were no bluebloods on the Mayflower. All the bluebloods went to Jamestown." The man responded, "Jamestown, New York?" No, he was told, "Jamestown, Virginia."

    I understand one man on the Mayflower did have a coat of arms. Among the original settlers at Jamestown, including members of the crew, only 5 did not have a coat of arms. Some were younger members of titled families and their chances of inheritance was slim so they were willing to learn a trade to come over to the New World.

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    You can't register for Royal status, you're either Royal or not. There are many people who are much closer to the monarchy but are not considered members of the Royal family.

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    If you're serious, and you have enough money, the College of Heralds in London can help, but it will be expensive and take a long time. Otherwise you're stuffed!

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  • 1 decade ago

    you cant register as Royalty

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