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DEVGRU (SEAL Team 6), regular SEALs, Delta, SAS, GSG-9, FBI HRT, etc.?

if you could name some more Spec Ops like them, that'd be better.

put them in order of which you think is more "elite".

i want to see what other people think.


my personal view:


2. Delta

3. regular SEALs

4. SAS


6. GSG-9

Update 2:

annann, the SEALs train a crapload, even after regular training

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    Well,I'm not in either but i do serve with the air force,and it deps on what your looking to do,FBI HRT,doesnt really get much action compared to military spec ops,any body will tell you that para rescue(pj's) is the longest,and hardest spec ops school,then delta,devgru,then green berets, and then would come your seals and rangers,but like i said,it all deps what you wanna do,you want action a lot of it?go green berets and get selected for delta,there always on missons,they also train other militarys that the navy seals don't,you want to be someone in law enforcement out to save hostages,then fbi hrt is the way to go,and green berets do more then the seals,any seal will tell you that,,now sas gsg-9 i cant comment on those,but hope i helped :)

    Source(s): u.s. air force,buddies serving with pj and SF
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    Dont forget MARSOC

    i'd put them tied with DEVGRU on your list, at least

    if you don't already know, thats MARine corps forces Special Operations Command

    choose their MARSOB (marine corps forces special operations battlion) operators from Recon battalions, who's 0321s get much the same training as "regular SEALs"

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    There all Alsome.

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  • F!GJAM
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    Disrespectful question.

    Oh and retarded..

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