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Why won't the U.S automakers understand the reason they can't sell cars/trucks is because they're bad quality?

I mean, who doesn't know the joke about Ford.





Don't even get me started on GM vehicles.

When will they understand that they can't compete with overseas companies as long as they continue to make lemon cars. Poor quality vehicles...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Times changed........US automakers didn't.

    It's the best example of lousy leadership you will ever find. They hoped the name would sell the vehicles.....what they didn't count on was foreign cars being better quality and the public expecting that quality for the outrageous price the auto companies charge for the vehicles.

    Some execs should have been fired years ago......they did it to themselves and continue to do so.

    Most people I know who went from American made to foreign did so for the quality, not the price of the vehicle. People will pay for quality......US autos just don't have it!

    For Mike: I was a true blue Chevy person. Never owned anything but Chevies. When I went from a full size van to a mid size SUV, we went with a Ford Explorer. I had it for two years and it was in the shop five times. I was left stranded because the motor wouldn't crank after having the vehicle for 3 WEEKS! The back seat was so hard and uncomfortable, everyone complained about taking the vehicle anywhere long distance (I'm talking over an hour!) It was the first vehicle I had ever owned that I didn't keep for 10 years.

    I traded for a Nissan and now everyone is happy.........and after two years, still no problem. I went with Nissan because the package included things i wanted and couldn't even have the option of getting on a Ford or GM product. People are not going to spend $40,000 on a vehicle that they don't like or doesn't have the options they want. All vehicles cost a lot. Consumers just decide what is worth the money they are paying out. If you find it in a Ford or GM, I'm happy for you. I couldn't.

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  • Witchy
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    1 decade ago

    US automakers are well aware that they make an inferior product. That was a choice that they made. Since their labor costs are so high, they need to cut corners somewhere.

    Consumer Reports and JD Powers have consistently rates Honda and Toyota higher in quality.

    Anyone who works in the quality field in auto manufacturing knows the difference between the specs for GM and Honda. I'm one of those people. I've worked in factories that made parts for GM, Ford, Honda, Toyota, and Nissan. I've owned Hondas and Toyotas ever since I went into the field. My husband never really understood this until he took a temporary job in an auto parts factory. It made a believer out of him. He bought a Toyota. Anyone who thinks the quality standards are the same for every make of car has never worked in the field. It's common knowledge.

    These overseas companies come here, set up factories, hire employees at a fair wage with good benefits, contribute to the communities around them, and they are forced to use a higher percentage of American parts on their vehicles than American companies. They are efficient and make a good product at a fair price. It's a shame that American companies have chosen not to follow their lead.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The problem is more complicated than the design or quality of cars. What happened is that because of strong union demands, the American car companies basically made a deal with the devil. While they were able to maintain a level of competition for so many years once the retirement and health benefit demands began to increase due to employees' age, the cost of making a car increased. Foreign car makers were able to keep their costs lower since the health care system and retirement systems in Japan and Germany among other is based on a socialist system which means that those manufacturers didn't have the bear those costs. Basically American car companies are not in the automotive business but they are in essence in the health care and retirement basis having to provide coverage for so many current, old, and family of workers.

    For a short time, the American market was able to cover this problem when the demand for trucks and SUV's increase, but considering that fossil fuel is not a renewable resources, eventually, reality was going to strike.

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  • 4 years ago

    That isn't the sole reason they failed. Unionized labor had a big say in that as well as bad management. But as you can see... Ford handled both fairly well. This will have a huge impact on the energy utilities of this country and will utimately put upward pressure on consumer prices. As for the ppl saying that the US has to stay up with the rest of the world.... Lets break it down by state measurements then. France has a population of about 64million ppl and is slightly smaller (area wise) than Texas which has 24million ppl. I'm willing to bet Texas (largest oil producing state) has a smaller emmission footprint than France. France has a large network of the metro (subway) in the large cities and trains for commuting across its country. Given our country could easily fund a train network for a state like Texas and ignore the rest of the country. We just have a much larger area to cover. The fact is that the US is approximately TWICE the size of the entire European Union, or half the size of Russia, or about the size of Brazil, or just slightly larger than China.... to put it in perspective. Comparing country by country to the US without normalizing the data somehow is like comparing apples and bananas.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The environmental restrictions forced on the auto industry has more to do with it than poor quality. Not that the green freaks care about the environment at all but they get tremendous amounts of funding for planet "saving" causes. Europe has a few cars that get 60-70mpg and run on bio-diesel.

    Ford actually makes a car that runs on clean diesel. (McDonalds drippings) and gets 65mpg. The government won't let them sell it in the US. Because they don't really care about the environment.

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  • There are many reasons why US automakers are falling behind starting with fuel efficiency. As someone said, times have changed and the big three have not. They can only make money off of larger cars for the most part, they're missing out or soon will be missing out on other markets because they don't meet the efficiency standards in many countries because they don't want to change and they're missing out here because Americans are and have been trending away from gas guzzlers. They mismanage the money that they have, they're not willing to restructure, and I don't mean restructure in bankruptcy, I mean restructure their executive packages and sacrifice to stay solvent right now in order to reap benefits in the future.

    It's too bad because I don't feel sorry for people who arrived to beg for money on private jets and collected multimillion dollar salaries last year but I do feel back that millions of families are likely to suffer as a result of their incompetence.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Trucks, SUV's, and crossover vehicles were the only reason they stayed in business as long as they did. They have had to re-tool their businesses 3 times to meet government and EPA standards. There is no problem with quality. They pay employees more than the rest because of unions, pay more in health-care due to unions and pay people who get laid off full pay and benefits because of unions. Other car makers in the US are not unionized so they pay less, have lower health care costs and get more subsidies from the government.

    The Dems and the enviro-nuts have done this to them.

    They need to claim bankruptcy and renegotiate the union contracts more in line with what others in similar jobs make and have for health coverage.

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  • 1 decade ago

    My first car in 1967 was a Ford, my second in 1972 was also a Ford. Haven't bought an American car since. Two Toyotas and four Volkswagens later...I don't think you could give me an American made vehicle. When I find a decent one, I'll buy American again.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i'll give you foreign cars are better but there trucks that's something to laugh about can a honda or a toyota tow 30,000 lbs they can't and will never match ford or gm in the truck market

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Point out a poor quality GM vehicle, and I'll point out its similarly poor analog built by Honda/Toyota/Mitsubishi.

    Please have at least a little pride in your country.

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