black and light brown hair designs?

i have medium size hair that is layered with bangs. kind of a scene or punk type but medium. Its light brown and im planning on dying it black. what designs are good.



under the back

tips and streaks

horizontal streaks


just my bangs


can you try to include some pics so i can get an idea?

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    I know some one that lives down my street that has awesome hair! it kinda sounds like what your describing. She has light brown hair like a dark honey color ide say and then she has black stripes on it it looks really cool she usally has it straight and i don't think it would look good with curly hair so plan on straightening your hair if ur hair is curly. She only has the stripes on part of her hair it's about 6 one inch thick stripes that go on the hair that covers her ears not on the back of her head. sorry i dont have any pics but i did my best to describe it.

  • lyssa
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    3 years ago

    in case you have already colored your hair (dyed it), then there is not any different decision yet to develop the colour out with bleach or try a hair colour lifter like colour Oops (and specific finally end up with orange hair). yet an decision decision that i could prefer could be to reasonably or heavily practice highlights for the time of and then placed a depressing blonde colour over the full head being care to no longer get to on the ingredient of the basis area. decide on a blue base or organic base. you will be able to desire to upload even lighter strategically placed highlights to the crown and framing the face in impartial tones and circulate as gentle as you like. Use Clairol Shimmering lights shampoo in a while to maintain the integrity of the tone. you have a great number of recommendations from there.

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