Does any one else find religion disgusting?

Certainly not all are the same, and I don't take much issue with people of a "moderate" faith who have some vague sense of a God of some sorts, but look at this and tell me that religion, essentially in all its forms, is a cancer to human society, freedom, and morality.


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  • 1 decade ago
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    religion, essentially in all its forms, is a cancer to human society, freedom, and morality

    I 100 percent agree. there would be world peace if there was not religion

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    I live in Malaysia at the moment and I am an atheist.

    It is a nice country to be in I can assure you. Very friendly people of many religions living in harmony and good humour.

    Within a few minutes I can walk past our village Mosque, a Taoist Temple, Buddhist Temple and several Hindu Temples.

    Which, believe it or not, is nice.

    I have never met with any animosity or bad feeling at any time during my various stays here and I live my life exactly the same as when I am in the UK or Japan.

    What you must remember is that Sharia Law only applies to Muslims and not the Nation.

    Religion is a means of political control, Buddhism and the Tao are philosophical pathways.

    Source(s): British atheist in Asia.
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    So you're better with people who just have moderate faith in God, maybe because they're hypocrites or something? How can anyone have "moderate" faith in anything? Either you have faith and it drives your life or you don't. Religion is not the issue, it's exactly the people you're OK with who don't know God and just use Him as an excuse for everything. Atheists blame God and use him as an excuse for all the world's problems. Religious people use God as a excuse for pushing their political worldview on others. We need to start loving God and following Him, not using Him the way many religions do. That's the only way to cure the world's problems. Don't think it's God causing the hurt, it's people using God. If that's what you mean by religion being disgusting, then I'm with you on that, but I know a lot of "religious" people who are genuine in their service of God and make the world a much better place. They just don't make headline news as often.

  • 5 years ago

    i find all the rules in organised religions disgusting and unnatural we are born then die like animals no religion it is for dreamers who have a bad life and hope for a better one then try to rule people by rules

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  • I'm really sorry you feel this way. I love my Church. I love God. I can't tell you everything its done for me. Even if I could I don't think you would believe me.

    You have a god. It's not my God, but you certainly have one. Just think of the person that speaks to you and you believe everything he says. All truth comes from your god. The problem is, he is not a god.

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    I have found that people who come here to disrespect Christians and claim that they do

    not believe actually DO want to hear more. They think they may be wrong and might

    want to learn about Jesus.

    But they disrespect us so we will retaliate and then they can say, " SEE? You guys aren't

    any different than anyone else."

    They seem to not understand Christians are human and sometimes push back when


    Anyway, why else would someone hang around on a religion board, that they claim to not

    believe in?

    Surely their lives aren't so boring that they can't find better things to do.

    I am guessing you want to hear a little about Jesus.

    It's cool.

    Go ahead and ask.


  • 1 decade ago

    Yes we all have Free Will

    Everyone Just Ask Yourself

    Why does Religion make conditions and create so much FEAR


    Imagine what type of Person you would be to put all that Faith in yourself

    Love & Blessings


  • Ashley
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    1 decade ago

    That's more than a little extreme. It's definitely cause for concern.

    Source(s): Christian
  • jack
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    1 decade ago

    you know you cannot really separate religion from society. the two are interrelated in many ways.

    besides, religion really contributes to morality in a society.

  • Deb R
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    1 decade ago

    Anything that not of God is disgusting.

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