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1 week late negative pregnancy test help please?

I'm 11 days late and i took a really cheap pregnancy test which it came out negative. i have sore nipples and not been feeling good.. could i be pregnant? or could it be cause the test was cheap. i really don't have any symptons of pregnancy or any period signs at all.. can some1 please help? i'm not taking any b.c thanks

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    You might not be pregnant, but false positives do happen! It's common not to notice any symptoms and turn up with a positive test. It happened to me. =) I would recommend waiting another 5 days so that you're 2 weeks late to be completely accurate.

    Good luck!

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    Cheap usually has nothing to do with it, but timing with those kits is critical. Some tests do not pick up the slight hormonal change in early pregnancy. Wait another week or use another test that is designed to detect pregnancy 5 days after a missed period. If that one still shows negative book an appointment with your OB/GYN to confirm and get on b.c. so your not faced with this situation again. Good Luck.

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    being pregnant tests come to a decision no be counted while you're pregnant or no longer finding on the point of hormones they arrive upon on your urine. being pregnant tests are maximum generally fake adverse, no longer fake beneficial. i could wager which you're pregnant, however the hormone stages are no longer very severe yet. if so, extra mushy being pregnant tests could be beneficial and much less mushy ones could be adverse. it could additionally clarify why the beneficial line is very faint and so long in coming. i could advise waiting some extra days and sorting out lower back (like Thanksgiving morning in case you desire to announce it on Thanksgiving.) while you're pregnant it is going to basically take some extra days for the tests to be actually beneficial when you consider that hormone stages upward thrust quickly.

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    Just get a good pregnancy test like EPT.

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    take another test and if it is still neg. then go the doctor

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    i was told first response was the best test to use, and so far it has worked the best for me, good luck :D

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    I thnink you just answered your own question, but, yeah, get EPT.

    Help :)

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