Same jobs with a degree in civil engineering as with environmental engineering?

Would I get the same jobs with a degree in civil engineering as I would with a degree in environmental engineering?

The school I want to go to doesn't offer environmental engineering, but they do offer a degree in civil engineering, or a degree in environmental studies.

I think you'd have more options with a civil engineering degree than you would with an environmental studies degree. So I think I'm gonna go for a bachelor's in civil engineering, and take some environment-related classes as well (I read somewhere you're not able to minor in environmental studies if you're in the engineering program, but I'm not totally sure about that...).

The only problem is- would people with environmental engineering degrees be more likely to get environment-related engineering jobs than someone with just a civil engineering degree? I would think there would be so many factors they would consider, that it wouldn't make a huge difference, but maybe I'm wrong?

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    You can minor in whatever you want.

    You will get a job easier in an environment-related field if you have an Environmental Engineering degree than a Civil Engineering degree.

    There are definite differences between getting a Civil degree and an Env. degree.

    For example:

    wastewater treatment plants

    Civil engineers will design the site plan and structures but Environmental engineers will design the process of treating of the wastewater.

    If you really want to get into Environmental Engineering and in the environmental field, you need to go to a school with an Environmental Engineering program.

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    Go for Civil Engineering first, anyway there is a subject in Civil Engineering course as Natural Science, although it is a minor subject but you will get good info about environment. And to tell you, we Civil Engineers could not proceed with the construction of a projects unless we will not consider the environmental impact of the project. A project will pass a thorough study for environmental compliance before construction will be started.

    There are so many categories to be considered before securing Environmental Compliance Certificate, such as :

    1) The project must not be put up in an Environmentally Critical Areas (ECA).

    2) The project must not damaged any historical heritage.

    3) The project will not affect any preserved areas such as watersheds, parks, mangrove area, etc.

    4) The project could not affect health of community while during construction and operation.

    5) And many more.

    If the project do not comply with any of the above guidelines, there will be a mitigating measures to be submitted to offset the effect of the project. We call it as Environmental Management Plan (EMP).

    Now, go for a Civil Engineering course and later you will be an Environmental Engineer instantly!

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    You better go for civil eng degree. you can do masters in environmental degree. as i am also thinking of doing same. i am thinkin of doing masters this year in environmental. i also like environmental subject but i know environmtntal eng and civil eng are two diffrent facetrs lots of time envi eng try to stop some project becaus of some environmental impact of the projece during construction and after construction .......EIS IEE bla bla bla

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