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Where do you buy your childrens clothes?

Okay parents. Easy pointer. [: Since it's getting near Chirstmas, I've been doing some shopping around. My children have tons of clothes, but they're growing and getting more for christmas. I was wondering where other parents shop for their childrens clothing at because maybe I could find some places to shop, plus, again, it's an easy pointer. So, please, answer the question.

I have 8 childrens.

They are 12 year old girl(God daughter who lives with my family.)-

8 year old girl.

6 year old girl.

5 year old twin boys.

4 year old girl.

2 year old girl.

And a little boy who just turned a month old today.

Also, We're looking for christmas outfits to wear on our Christmas help.

And, If anyone is wondering, we shop for the 12 and 8 year old at abercrombie, hollister, and some other places we get the others clothes.

And we shop for the rest, mostly, at Gymboree, Hanna Andersson, The Childrens Place, Kellys Kids, and a lot of other places.

I think most of these have sites. Our favorites are Kelly's kids and Hanna Andersson. Both of which have websites you can shop on, which is easy for a family of 10 who can't pack 8 kids around without someone being unhappy.

I think this is a fun question and it gives everyone new idea's. So, please answer it. [:


The Taylors.

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    when I have the extra money its the childrens place, otherwise Walmart or Target. times are tough, glad with so many kids you can spend money at the higher end stores

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    I agree with the first answerer. My daughters are 6 and 4, and my son is a newborn. My sister threw me a baby shower for him since he was my first son, so I have all the clothes I need until he's about 18 months.

    The girls I usually get them clothes from Old Navy and Rugged Bear. Old Navy's prices are GREAT but they really don't have much selection. Once in a while I'll shop at Gymboree for the girls if there's a sale, but it's a little more pricey than I would like. I also like Gap Kids, the clothes are a little more pricey than I'd like, but the quality is great and I just love the Gap!

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    I am surprised that you can afford boutique stores with 8 kids. A good friend of mine has 7 kids, and they are whizzes at the thrift store thing, just to make ends meet.

    I have one son, here is where I usually shop, from frugal to splurging:

    Second hand charity shops

    Second hand consignment stores

    Wal-mart, Zellers, Sears (checking out the clearance racks first)

    Children's Place (almost always on sale)

    Disney store

    I stay out of Gymboree, because I can't believe their prices, even on sale, and I don't do the Old Navy thing, because their clothes feel kind of thin to me.

    I also do Winners occasionally (it is like TJ Maxx), and can find some nice brand name stuff from time to time.

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    I live in the UK too, when my son was a newborn right through to 12 months I purchased a lot of his clothes second hand, but still in very good condition, in bulk items from Ebay.

    I also shop at just about every other childrens clothes shop, Adams, Mothercare, Next, M&S, H&M and also from the supermarket own brands such as George at Asda, Cherokee at Tesco etc. I love clothes shopping for my little boy, I've just bought him two t shirts from an online store called Fabric Flavours, one was of Elmo and the other of the Cookie Monster, most appropriate! ;)

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    You have many options when it comes to buying clothes for children. I often buy clothes for my children from an online wholesale clothing store. You should also consider buying in an online wholesale clothing store, because not only you can save your money on children's clothes, but also in transportation cost.

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    I shop at Walmart for their play clothes and Carters for their nice clothes. I also occasionally get stuff from Target and Old Navy. I also buy anything I can at Salvation Army/Thrift Stores, obviously not Christmas presents though.

    I figure once their older their going to want expensive clothes and the money we save now can go to other stuff.

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    I LOVE Gymboree. My Goddaughter LOVES when I shop there for her. Normally I just shop at Target and Walmart, though. With a love of kids to shop for, it's just easier to go to one place and get it all [for me!] Good luck at Christmas :)



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    I live in the UK...

    12 year old - New Look or H&M

    1 month - 8 years - M&S all the way :)

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    wow, i dont shop at any of those places :) my 4 year old goes through clothes likes its nothing. he cant have nice clothes because he ruins them. so, i get his clothes from wal-mart. they are cheap and if he ruins them, i can always replace it. $2.50 for a shirt, come on now :)

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    Hiya look on ebay you can get some great item new items for much less x

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