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How often do you clean out your contacts list?

I was just doing my quarterly cleaning of my list when I realized how many of you goobers I lost contact with. I started to wonder how many of those that were gone now were still around with a different account that didn't bother telling me about it. I wonder how many just quit because they were tired or either Yahoo or some other whiny butt here on Answers.

So to remedy this once and for all, I would like everyone within the sound of this question to list all their previous aliases. I promise not to turn this list in to the Yamster, as we might all be in trouble after that.


I was known as Ignatz long ago, just in case you were wondering.

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    I haven't had to yet, when I start getting violations I take off the ones I've recently added, so far, so good. This has been my only alias, and I haven't been your contact, but have seen you...

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    D, I WAS a contact of yours back when I was in the P&S chat room and had my main account still alive, along with my "Pet Ant" profile that created so much havoc.

    Due to the number of contacts I constantly kept (ALWAYS near 200) and the NATURE of said contacts (they who got suspended on a weekly or monthly basis) I found that cleaning out the corpses weekly netted an 8% "loss" of my friends, so generally I checked through and deleted the suspended accounts about every 2 weeks, then re-added those people in their new accounts, D.

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    When I open up old accounts it's fun to see who I've got on them. Always a surprise.

    Aliases. Well..right now my 1K name is on most of them. And also I have an account that is called Gabriel Syme. I left it open and anyone may add it. I have a couple secret ones that I don't really have any contacts on as well. Just for my boring Q's that I don't want to bother everyone with.

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    I'm Freaky. I'm trying to keep my contact number low as well. It was easier to start a new account rather than tediously clean it out.

    edit- Oh yeah, I also have some secret ones too without contacts. Those are for me only! One time I was trying to get a TC Badge in parenting. It took too much time, so I gave up and now I don't remember the account.

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    Only ever ompelle. I try to keep my contacts below the 3 digit mark... recently it was up to 97 and I had to clean it out, my eye was twitching. I tend to lose you a lot, though. The quarterly cleaning explains it.

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    Please do no longer delete me. I promise I in no way ever supply thumbs down. i in my view choose that this troll and thumbs down stuff could give up. i do no longer desire any of my contacts to get rid of me. I even have unquestionably in no way wiped sparkling out my touch record. i attempt to in basic terms upload human beings very heavily, so some distance so stable. I even have in basic terms gotten a million advise e mail from somebody no longer on my touch record and that i in simple terms overlook on the subject of the thumbs down for the main section. it may desire to be anybody on that. probable a 13 year previous with no longer something extra beneficial to do.

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    I've been little babby celeste and now I'm the beaver. The beaver seems to be fairly popular since it gets suspended on a regular basis, but I'm sure you probably have about 3 or 4 dead beavers in your list.

    Dead beavers are bad beavers.

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    This is my main account, I have others with the same name, or a variation of it. I'm sneeky that way...

    I clean out my contacts about every 6 months.

  • I started off under the name Hello Everybody. I actually still have that account, but I never use it, and I rarely went to P&S with it.

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    Timinator is the only name I use.

    You might have some of my old suspended accounts because I have a potty mouth but you know that already....jerkface.


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