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Does life really mean nothing? ?

This is my "theory" on life.

We are born with nothing and when we die, we take nothing with us. People seem to spend their life time searching for the meaning of life. Seeking for a "something" between birth and death. When in actual fact, life is full of random events and curve balls. No one has control. Everyone has a choice, there is always a choice, but you can't control most of the things which happen.

Life just IS, there isn't any esoteric hidden depth, it doesn't all mean something.

Life means nothing but that doesn't mean there's no point or purpose. You can still have purpose, aims, goals, dreams and wishes. You can have a sense of direction.

People tend to over analyse because they need to find meaning. Most things are random and happenstance. If you are in the right place at the right time, you appear to have good luck and vice versa.

It seems that mankind is unable to cope with the thought that life has no meaning, unlike animals who seem to live in the moment and exist.

I don't think there is any logical understanding, reason, rational, explanation or "sense" to life. Life just IS and we should stop inventing "religion" and trying to give life meaning.

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    This is my motto to live by: Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, wine in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out & screaming...."Woo Hoo" what a ride ! Live life and enjoy it. This is God's gift to you. " that you can live it abundantly ! "

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    I find it safe to say that humans naturally look for meaning.

    Perhaps life does not have meaning, but would that really affect us?

    We are born with nothing, we gather things in our life, and take nothing with us after it. But do we truly take nothing with us? Here we go into religion, what happens after death?

    Perhaps we take memories, but even if we don't, we should be glad we don't keep anything bad.

    So we enter and exit, but if there is no purpose, then why are we here?

    And if we are here for something but life is still considered to have no meaning, why care?

    Is our purpose to understand ourselves? Or would you consider that a sense of direction?

    And if that is a sense of direction, what do you want from a meaning of life?

    Something that explains all?

    For that, say 'It is'. Everything is something, as long as you look past what it is not. A dream is not reality, but a dream is. It is. It is a dream, if you are so inclined.

    Life in my poinion is not made for sense. It's chaotic, and we can't harness its power.

    Life cannot be made for explanation. How can we explain the begining, if we were 'not there'?

    Life shouldn't be made for logical understanding. Didn't we invent infinity? Irrational numbers? Don't we dream? Are dreams always logical? No! Nor would they be called rational. Is you mean logical understanding by 'dreams exist', is that logical? It's understanding, certainly.

    Is life made for reason? If so, why is the line between right and wrong so thinly drawn?

    And if life has no meaning, it is humans nature to find its meaning. And religion is one approach to it.

    My life's meaning is to live. My life's meaning is to help others live. That is what I think.

    As one serious thinker to another, you just came up with a possible meaning to life. You searched, or did not search, and you found, or did not find.

    You found your meaning of life.

    Your meaning is nothing.

    Not nothing, everyone else's is better, but nothing, nothing is the meaning of life.

    No one has control, but if you set your mind that is much funner. You can't predict anything.

    And a flaw: you have religion, it may not have a God but it still is religion. You imagine no life after death, and you believe in no meaning. I am probably wrong in other people's points of view, but religion is believeing. And your belief is your meaning.

    Even if my opinion is wildly outcasted, your deep thinking should encompass everyone.

    Your good. I don't have your level. But if we ever actually met, I would be able to explain myself much better. And I know, and you might know after reading this (if you ever do) that a lot of people have found your meaning. And believed. And they might have or might not have had fun living.

    But I plan to have fun. And I believe in religion and nothing at all because without both I would be torn apart, probably by my own hands.

    And that is my view, and it looks out on the sea and the sky, the mountains and the caves. And it looks deep into my mind, what some would call my soul, and wrecks havoc in the timeless interiors. And I love it, and I live for it, and I know it for what my imagination feels it is.

    It's me. It's mine.

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    You are one of the many misguided, uninformed, lost minds on this earth , life is extremely enigmatic and obscure.

    The majority of the worlds populous will live superficial meaningless lives and die oblivious to the truths of existence.

    You are right about one thing, religion is just a facade to keep the peace and give hope to the ignorant.. but that idea imploded over time, now our world is riddled with "holy wars".. Iraq and Ireland quintessential examples

    Only in the end will most be enlightened.

    If i come off as patronizing please forgive me, it's just that I am a member of an esoteric brotherhood almost as old as time itself.

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    I agree with your analysis that life is meaningless. Its tough but I think true. However, I disagree with your conclusion that since life is meaningless we should stop inventing religions & trying to find meaning. The reason I disagree is that I think that the search for meaning is of value to many people and therefore they should go for it and I hope for their sakes they do not end that journey, as I did, realising that its all meaningless. I was happier when I was ignorant.

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    You're "Fallen Angel", right? Your 'theory' (regarding life) says so that someone Fallen!

    When one questions "Does life really mean nothing?"------ indicates that as if life were meaningless! But the fact or reality was/is not that! Would it be fair to answer to such question when I believe LIFE as meaningful?

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    the guy next door just died last week 20 ft from me and they dragged him into the hall in a body bag and threw him on a gurney like a sack of potato's. did his dieing have any meaning i don't know?kinda gross

    i know there is inner meaning to me

    i know iv affected people

    but i dought any one is going to morn me, like princes diana was morned by millions of people.

    ill be another sack of potato's tossed on to the cart by people that don't know me or CARE.

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    If your reasoning is true, I can't see what the hell made you decide to be born. (in this life). Before you came, you knew everything that was and is going to happen to you. You entrusted that wisdom to your guardians and angels, and now you think it is all a waste of time??

    Please explain.


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    We are nothing more than a multi cellular organism capable of independent movement that like all other living things only has one job and that is to procreate the species

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    If it means nothing, then we're wasting our time. Does one have to find "meaning" to enjoy the ride? I think not, so as the saying goes,

    I'll just "ride, cowboy, ride", and see if I passed the test in the end.

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  • Seeker
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    1 decade ago

    That's not really a question, but I like the way you think!

    I agree with you. So, my answer to your title question would have to be "yes".

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