Is spybot search & destroy safe?

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    Yes. Spybot search & destroy is safe and it is one of the best FREE malware protection.

    Spybot search and destroy is the best anti-spyware because of three important features that the other softwares do not have.

    1) Immune feature - prevent spywares/adwares/trojans from coming back again.

    Other anti-spywares program can remove the spywares but cannot prevent it from coming back again and again.

    2) Registry monitor - advance feature TeaTimer module can monitor

    and deny changes to registry by malwares ( both known & unknown ) .

    3) Hosts file locking - advance feature that prevent web pages hijackers.

    I like spybot because I found that it is a better strategy than other anti-malwares.

    Instead of trying to keep the virus/trojan/spyware/adware signatures up-to-date ( impossible task because new one keep appearing )

    Spybot try to stop UNKNOWN malwares from infecting your system by using tea timer to deny unauthorise changes to registry.

    This help to prevent malwares from installing on your system behind your back. Therefore, it is better than other FREE anti-malware program that do not offer the same protection to windows registry.

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    Is Spybot Safe

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    I have been using Spybot S& D for years and as I have never had a problem I can say with some certainty that it is safe,and furthermore it does it's job well.Recommended.When you have doubts about an what I do,do a search and ask for reviews,eg review spybot search and destroy.

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  • Jamal
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    Sure it is .Spybot S&D 1.6 has improved a lot from the older versions

    It gives updates regularly once a week

    You can right click any software and scan it with Spybot

    There are no false positives

    On the con side it hogs CPU usage but does not matter if you use it as an on demand scanner, only don't use the "Tea Timer" applet.

  • Diana
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    4 years ago

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    Spybot S&D is a safe program, and one of the best at what it does, but there's no guarantee you've gotten the real one unless you downloaded it from its website. I suggest you also download Ad-Aware 2008, also free. It tends to complement Spybot S&D, catching some things it misses and vice-versa. Note that Ad-Aware is on a different website. Hope that helps.

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    Is spybot search & destroy safe?

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    Well its a good anti spyware i have to agree with the guys above... ive tried that and it works very good........

    Hope I can be of Assistance!

    Take Care and God Bless

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'm not sure, I tried it and we have a computer guy who makes house calls once in a while and he said we did not need the spy bot program.

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    yes it and superantispyware are the 2 best free antispyware out there also don't forget about adaware

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