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Okay... Here's the deal... We're going to be buying a mobile home, and it's been pre-owned and rented out a few times prior to our purchase. (I know trailers/mobile homes are considered 'white trash' but it's all we can afford, and I'm proud that we could even buy THAT. What matters is that it's a home of our own.)

Anyway, my question is - Does anyone know some good decorating tips for mobile homes? Space is limited, and I want it to look classy and posh without making it look cluttered and crappy (like a cow-themed kitchen or lighthouses in the bathroom).

I want it to be my dream home, but I was wondering if anyone had good links (with a lot of good pics) or good advice for making small spaces look fancy.

My tastes are along the lines of Pottery Barn but they're way too expensive for me, if that helps any. I want something that looks that good, but something I can afford.


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    I don't sneer at mobiles. I live in one. It suits me fine, and my previous house was custom-built. The mobile came with a gorgeous piece of land which is more important in the long run than the building on it. Congratulations on your new home. Be it ever so humble......Nobody will make you buy cow-themed stuff for the kitchen so don't worry. Take a tip from high-end apartment designs. If there are any around, go look at them for clues. Don't be in a huge hurry to change things right away unless you're very sure what you want to do, like painting because the walls are grungy. Live with what you have for a while, think about what you'd like different.

    Keep the basics simple. Use light colours to help the space look bigger, don't go for overblown window treatments, buy smaller furniture if you buy any. Two loveseats might work better than one big sofa. Don't have a monster TV. Get furniture that's double-purpose like an end table with a shelf underneath. A large mirror, or several smaller ones, can increase a space. Go vertical. Install shelves to keep stuff off the floor if you can. A clear floor space makes a room feel bigger, as does a light-coloured floor. If you change flooring, try to keep it the same or close through all the rooms, same with paint colours. Don't have any jarring switches of theme or colour from one room to another. Pick one basic colour and two others to harmonize or compliment the main one.

    Once you've got the clean simple basics, then you add decoration in the way of ornaments or art. Buy what you like, but get one or two things at a time, put them in and live with them for a while before deciding what else to get. No rush, the stuff will still be out there later. Try garage sales, second hand stores, don't buy until you're sure what you want. If you like Pottery Barn stuff, wait for a sale. Keep a file of magazine photos or store flyers that have the look you want, to remind yourself where you're headed. The advantage of a small place is that a few nice things can make quite a difference.

    If you want to change flooring, have I got a tip for you. I replaced my sculptured pink living room carpet and covered my 1970 style kitchen vinyl with a product from Home Depot which is vinyl planks that stick to each other but not the floor. Price is very good, installation is easy, and people think it's real wood until I tell them it's not.

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    If the walls has the vinyl cover on it paint will not stick.You must prime first. You can do a test spot First if you wont to confirm this. Put paint on let dry and take finger nail and the paint will come off.Prime first and your friend can paint. The wall wont absorb but will dry from the outside, and will be fine.Lived in a mobile home 20 years and been a painter 28

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    try typing in in the search bar and join as many groups in your area radius maybe 45 mins. if your in a hot area, you can fill your home and garage with everything that you need 4 free.. people give away just everything under the sun.. my niece did her bathroom with the frog theme. painted the walls pale green and went from there. turned out beautiful.. and then there's also the garage sales that might add a nice touch 2 .. take a interest that you have and run with it.. antique shops too..

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