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How do you tell if someone has a girlfriend or not?

Hi! I am having a crush on a 30-year-old guy but I am not sure if he has a girlfriend. Recently I saw one of his pictures in which he was holding the hand of a woman; the thing is it was a picture taken on a beach on the day of his baptism and he was standing in a circle with the other people who were also going to get baptized. He was praying before getting baptized and he was holding the hand of the woman standing on his right and was also holding the hand of another man standing on his left. But the other people standing in that circle were not holding hands; it was only him, the woman standing beside him, the man standing beside him and anotehr woman standing beside that man who were holding hands.

Do you think that this suggests that he has a girlfriend? How can you tell if someone as a girlfriend?


Thank you, but I am pretty sure that he isn't married yet.

I do want to ask him but I cannot. It's not that I dare not ask him, but we have 'conflict of interests' and therefore it is not possible for us to date now.

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    You don't want to date him now. Anyway I found something for you,

    perhaps you may read something new from it.( for your next relationship.):)

    Everyone desires a faithful partner. This is always not attainable. Here are how to know if your man is scoring low on fidelity.



    Relationships are truly remarkable and enjoyable when both parties involved are committed and faithful to each other. It could then be a source of joy and a bond not easily broken is usually formed as the relationship is based solely on absolute trust for each other. Although most of us desire absolute faithfulness from our sweethearts, the reverse often is the case. How would you know your partner is cheating on you? Find out 10 ways to know your man is cheating on you.

    Frequent quarrels

    Every relationship has ups and downs. Since you are two different people from two different backgrounds sometimes there are bound to be quarrels however, if your man constantly quarrels over every flimsy thing, always making a mountain over a mole hill then, there is trouble you should do your homework

    Sudden late nights

    Keeping late nights once in a while might be no cause for alarm but if he suddenly develops the habit of keeping late nights, sometimes under the pretence of seeing a particular friend, friends or even family members, something he doesn't do before then something fishy going on.

    Sudden work over time

    Working overtime is necessary sometimes for a couple of reasons. True as this may seem it is important to note that the number one excuse an unfaithful mate gives for keeping late nights or for not coming home at all is “I was working late”, therefore, if he habitually does the things mentioned above because he is working late, girl keep your antennae working.


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    The baptism scene does not tell conclusively if the woman next to him is intimate or not. If you see another photograph of him in a different situation, maybe there are more hints.

    If you do not want to ask him, ask some body who knows his background to get the answer to your question.

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    The information you provided is too limited to form any meaningful conclusion.

    Speculation is useless. Simply ask him.

    If fact, he may give a false answer even if you ask him.

    Be observant and be careful. Don't let others take advantage of you.

    Good luck.

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    In fact, he may also 'stonewall' in answering your question. Say, in answering your question, he may say, "No, I don't have a girlfriend." without any elaboration. But in fact he may be already married!

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    Incidentally, the same question has been asked and answered, in the link provided above - for your reference only. (I doubt that answer.)

    One final advice: Love may be blind, but do keep your eyes wide open!

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