Purchesing Clerk 中文是什麼?

Purchesing Clerk 中文是什麼?

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    Purchasing clerk 採購文員

    Duties 職責:

    1) Responsible for raw materials sourcing 負責搜尋原材料供應

    2) Develop and maintain relationship with supply chain 發展及維持跟供應鏈之關係

    3) Handle all purchasing activities, such as sample requisitions, PO follow-up, order processing/executions, correspondences and quality claims 處理所有有關採購的活動,例如:樣本申請,採購單跟進,跟進採購過程,聯繫和質量要求

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    Purchesing Cler中文是採購文員

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    Purchesing Clerk 採購文員

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