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經濟學 econ 的問題

Ben is the only producer of shirts with a picture of Montana on them. His average and marginal costs of production are AC=MC=10, nad the demand for his shirts is given by Q=60-P

a. calculate the profit-maximizing price and quantity for Ben. What are his profits?

b. Now Shauna comes along and produces shirts with pictures of Saskatchewan on them. Remarkably, they look the same and consumers view them as perfect substitutes. What will the price be now and how many shirts will be sold in total

c. Ben and Shauna get together and decide to collude in the shirt market. What total number of shirts should they produce and at what price? If they split the profits, how much does Ben earn now

很急 希望會的人可以幫我一下

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    AC=MC=10, Q=60-P


    獨占MR=MC P=60-2Q=10, Q=25 P=35




    寡占MAX PROFIT=Profit1+Profit2



    dProfit/d(q1+q2)=0 Q=50 P=10



    dProfit/dQ=0 Q=30 P=30 各生產15單位

    earn=15*30-10*30 =150

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