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有關紐西蘭kiwi bird....

急需有關kwiw bird的資料.....簡單英文介紹+中文翻譯....

< 不用太多...也不要那些奇怪翻譯英文.... >

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    The kiwi is the flightless bird about the size of a domestic fowl, the kiwi has coarse, bristly, hair-like feathers. Females are larger than males. Kiwis grow to about the size of a chicken and weigh between three and nine pounds. They have no tail and tiny two inch wings which for all practical purposes, are useless. The kiwi use its excellent sense of smell and flexible bill, the kiwi feeds on worms, insects and grubs, supplemented by leaves, berries and seeds. There are five kinds of kiwi in New Zealand - three closely related... Brown Kiwis, the Little Spotted Kiwi and the Great Spotted Kiwi. The main breeding period is from late winter to summer. Nests may be in hollow logs, under tree roots, in natural holes or in burrows excavated mainly by the male. Eggs are smooth, and colored ivory or greenish-white.

    奇異鳥只有在紐西蘭能看到.雖然最初這種紐西蘭鳥只生活在森林,但他們也生活在矮樹叢和牧草地.因為奇異鳥是一種夜行性的鳥,因此只有少數紐西蘭人能在野外看見這種國鳥, 奇異鳥是種無法飛行的鳥,他的體型大小大約類似家禽,奇異鳥有著粗糙如鬃毛色的羽毛,雌鳥則大於雄鳥


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    The Kiwi bird occurs only in New Zealand. Although primarily a bird of New Zealand’s native forests, kiwis also live in scrub and native grasslands. Because the kiwi is a semi-nocturnal, secretive bird, few New Zealanders have seen their national bird in the wild.

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